The MP3 annunciator BSV from PATLITE features high performance in a compact body

With an installation depth of only 19.9 millimetres, the slim PATLITE MP3 annunciator requires very little installation space.

The new annunciator BSV features a slim design and powerful performance. It achieves a sound volume of 87 dB (at a distance of 1 metre) with a power consumption of only 3.5 watt. A volume control allows adjustment of the signal strength to the environmental conditions in intervals of 1dB.

Easy installation

The BSV can either be wall- or flush-mounted. The patented mounting system makes it possible to install the PATLITE MP3 annunciator even in case of access from the front only. That means more flexibility in choosing the position and also saves time during installation.

Harmonic design

With its discreet design and robust housing, the unit is suited perfectly for installation in an office building or a factory. The special surface allows water to completely run off, so that it is suitable for use in damp environments and exposure to splash water (protection class IP 54).

Easy to use

Sound pressure and choice of alarm sounds are adjusted by means of user-friendly controls on the front of the unit. Depending on the model, 15 different alarm sounds or 15 messages are available. Special alarm sounds and voice messages can easily be added via an SD card. A playlist editor is available for free download to users of the MP3 annunciator.

PATLITE is Japan’s biggest manufacturer of high-quality visual and audible warning systems. Established in 1947, the company’s developments and innovations have also made it one of the world’s leading manufacturers of signal and alarm systems. The extensive PATLITE product line includes advanced LED signal lights, revolving warning lights, audible alarms and LED work lights with high protection ratings for industrial applications. A global sales and service network guarantees close customer relations, intensive service at the local level and short delivery times.


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