Scott Safety has launched a revolutionary range of bump caps with the First Base 3, the third generation of its market-leading Protector First Base bump cap, for those working in a variety of head bump-risk occupations such as manufacturing and maintenance in the aerospace and automotive sectors, as well as tradesmen, transportation and logistics workers working in environments without the risk of falling objects.

First Base 3 is the only baseball-style bump cap on the market that delivers the optimum combination of comfort, style and protection and is approved to the latest EN812 standard, incorporating amendment A1.  Specifically selected fabrics are not only stylish, but provide greater wearer comfort by helping to reduce humidity and heat build up, which research has shown to be the biggest factors in user discomfort. The sweatband; constructed from a wicking fabric, draws moisture away from the skin and the patented shell design, featuring unique micro-perforated sides and indirect top ventilation system, offers improved air circulation and breathability; significantly improving wearer comfort.

The ergonomic shell design provides greater stability and comfort than previous models and enhances protection as it extends further down the rear of the head. Scalloping over the ear, the shell allows improved compatibility with hearing protection and eyewear and uniquely flexes to fit a wide range of head sizes. First Base 3 is made even more secure with an elasticated adjustment strap, which has been deliberately situated beneath the occipital bone to provide heightened stability.

First Base 3 is available in a range of attractive styles that maximise wearer appeal including a choice of either a Classic, Xtra or Elite style cap which utilise one of First Base 3’s two patented shell designs, flexible or full, to meet the widest possible scope of needs. As standard, each model is available in an array of colours and peak lengths to suit different environments and corporate requirements. The caps can be embroidered to meet any company’s branding requirements allowing the freedom to positively enhance corporate image and promote a sense of pride throughout the workforce. First Base 3 can be specified with an optional belt clip to ensure it is always ready to hand.

Chris Ellerby, Product Manager, Head, Face, Eye and Hearing PPE at Scott Safety, commented: “The previous two versions of our First Base bumpcap have both become market leading products and were a tough act to follow.  The challenge was to design a bump cap which incorporates all of the elements of comfort, protection and style.  We believe that First Base 3 delivers on every count.”

Scott Safety pioneered the industry’s first baseball-style bump cap with the original First Base in 1997 and the product evolved with the launch of First Base+ in 2003. Today’s First Base 3 represents a revolution in the development of protective bumpcaps.

Scott Safety

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