Acknowledging the link between driver comfort and productivity, designers at Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks have created three new ranges of forklift cabins specifically around the needs of drivers and businesses.

Ergonomics and comfort were prioritised at every stage in the development of the VersaCab, PlusCab and ProCab ranges, which are for use on the 1.5 to 5.5 tonne GRENDIA family of diesel and LPG trucks.

From a simple but effective roof-only option to a totally enclosed and air-conditioned steel structure, the VersaCab range of panel cabins offers a variety of flexible configurations.

Choices available include the manufacturer’s award-winning hi-vis overhead guard roof which employs a special polycarbonate, which is generally around 250 times stronger than glass or 30 times than acrylic (PMMA). It offers operators a wholly unobstructed view while protecting against falling objects, including items as small as screws and bolts.

A laminated glass front screen with wash-wipe system, a tempered hinge-opening rear window, roll-up PVC doors/windows, or alternatively steel doors with sliding windows are among the other options offered. Custom-designed to fit any GRENDIA model, the panels can be quickly removed when weather is more suited to open-air operation.

The PlusCab, a retro-fit panel cabin range, has been developed for customers who already own a GRENDIA truck. It offers all-weather protection and optimal visibility. This cabin has been designed to provide customers with excellent value for money and can quickly be fitted to a truck’s existing overhead guard.

In creating the luxurious ProCab fully floating, tiltable cabin, Mitsubishi designers have created a space in which operators will feel appreciated and work effectively.

Set on four floating rubber mounts, the cabin interior is effectively insulated against vibration and noise… as well as the weather. Its ergonomic comfort features include centralised controls, a luxury seat, fingertip hydraulic controls, fully lined interior and many other driver conveniences.

The cabin also offers complete backward tilting, giving full and rapid access to the engine compartment with minimal effort. This has been designed to encourage regular checks and allow faster servicing.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks

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