The general uplift in the fortunes of the car manufacturing sector and recent announcements of new investment in British car manufacturing has directly benefited a leading provider of temporary buildings.

Spaciotempo UK Ltd, based in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire supplies temporary buildings on a rental or sale basis to a wide range of industries. The last six months has seen a notable increase in enquiries from car manufacturers and ancillary businesses as manufacturing slowly helps the UK to climb back to positive growth.

A number of buildings have been installed over the last few months at leading car firms such as Nissan UK, Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin for applications including production facilities, loading bays and pre-delivery inspection centres. A further warehouse solution has been supplied to Stadco, a Midlands based manufacturer of body pressings and assemblies for the automotive industry. The 2500 sq m building combines two gutterlinked buildings with a canopy to store car parts. Jaguar Land Rover, meanwhile, has taken a semi-permanent canopy structure of 600 sq m to protect goods and staff when unloading delivery vehicles. All of the buildings that have been supplied are fixed to existing surfaces with a patented fixing system; avoiding the need for costly civils prior to installation.

Scott Jameson, Director of Sales at Spaciotempo UK, believes that there are many positive reasons for vehicle manufacturers and associated industries to seek a temporary solution.

“According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), UK vehicle and engine production continues to lead a manufacturing recovery and the increase in export demand highlights the strength and competitiveness of UK automotive products.

Our current experience in the market backs this up. Over the past 12 months we have found that vehicle manufacturers have opted to select a temporary building from us because we can react quickly to their needs for additional space and, not only is a Spaciotempo building extremely quick to install, but can offer a lower cost alternative to a bespoke building. In a market that can be volatile, as the last few years have shown, a temporary building provides a flexible solution. Rental terms vary from months to years with rolling contracts a common occurrence as companies gear up or down to react to market conditions”.

According to Scott, this flexibility is part of the attraction. Customers can rent a high quality temporary structure – designed to match the performance of a permanent build – knowing that it can be uninstalled if demand falters. Moreover, with the raft of options available to customise Spaciotempo buildings, they can also be transformed to look like a permanent build. Such is the case with Aston Martin who specified large glazed areas in addition to specific colours for the external and internal cladding to ensure the building blended in with their other buildings on-site. Bespoke floors, windows, doors, heating/ventilation systems and specialist lighting systems are all in demand as companies customise their work areas and reflect the working conditions of permanent buildings.

In an uncertain economy one thing is certain – Spaciotempo can provide a durable solution to help industry plan and manage their space requirements cost effectively and efficiently.

Spaciotempo UK Ltd

Tel: 01889 569 569


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