Main European postal operator finds greatly improved workflow processes when handling undeliverable mail thanks to CL-S700 printers from Citizen Systems Europe

Post Danmark is one of the foremost postal operators in the EU and a key Danish employer, with a workforce of almost 22,000 people. The postal operator has to compete in the open market, so its procedures must be cost-effective, reliable and fully efficient, with particular attention to good working practices and process improvements.

A total of more than 11 million items are handled by the company every day, with delivery to 5.2 million customers across Denmark. Given the scale of operations it’s no surprise that a number of items are returned as undeliverable, for various reasons. Every returned item needs to have a non-delivery label affixed to it, to inform each sender of the reason for the item being returned. To make this process as efficient as possible Post Danmark realised that it needed a simple and reliable printing system that was easy for employees to use and which produced clear and easily readable labels for its customers.

The company’s specific requirements were presented to one of Denmark’s largest IT distributors and Citizen Systems Authorised Reseller: Delfi Technologies A/S. Kennet Helmer-Jensen, a Project Manager at Post Danmark, explains, “We chose Delfi Technologies A/S because we had worked closely and successfully with them in the past, as well as the fact that their proposed solution using the Citizen CL-S700 printers represented outstanding value for money”.

The Citizen CL-S700 printers are currently used at Post Danmark’s main distribution centres and have significantly speeded up the handling of returns.  Kennet Helmer-Jensen continues, “Previously, returns were handled manually, but as the level of automation in reading and processing mail items has steadily increased, it has been extremely beneficial to have the non-delivery labels filled in automatically, so that addresses are read more quickly and reliably by our sorting machines. This has obviously enhanced the quality of our processes, while also producing savings in terms of our resource consumption. Labels used to be filled in by hand; now it is done automatically”.

The CL-S700 is a front loading bar code and label printer with resolution of up to 300dpi and a print speed of up to 250mm/s. This outstandingly versatile printer is designed with ease of use in mind and comes with a heavy duty and vertical opening case, as well as large graphic LCD for clear indication of printer status and easy printer configuration. An Active Ribbon Control & Positioning mechanism that completely eliminates ribbon wrinkle and media slippage is also included.

Thanks to the CL-S700, Post Danmark has speeded up the handling of returns, while improving the quality of the processes involved and saving resources; the Citizen solution has also contributed to increased worker satisfaction too, as Kennet Helmer-Jensen explains, “Our workers are extremely pleased with the new printers because they are easy to operate and avoid having to write labels for several hours a day.”

Post Danmark A/S is part of Posten Norden. Posten Norden was established as a result of the merger between Post Danmark A/S and the Swedish operator Posten AB.  Post Danmark A/S provides basic postal services to all customers in Denmark, senders and recipients alike. This postal service aims to be the best in Europe, measured in terms of service level, quality and price combined. Post Danmark currently generates 67% of its annual turnover, amounting to some DKK 11.7 billion (approx. GBP 1.3 billion), from open and free competition with other companies.

Delfi Technologies A/S delivers solutions for the retail industry – within data capture, barcode equipment, Point of Sale equipment and support, as well as the development of software for these business areas. With its high level of expertise, Delfi Technologies A/S provides added value to products through customised software solutions, support and technical service.

The CL-S700 system comprises a Hi-Lift™ mechanism for easy ribbon and media loading, Hi-Open™ case for vertical opening with no increase in footprint and safe closing.  Cross-Emulation™: Zebra® and Datamax® languages are standard and automatically selected. A large Backlit LCD control panel is provided for easy configuration and an adjustable media sensor is supplied as standard with label gap and black mark sensing. Its ingenious front-loading rewinder provides fast operations for peeling or batch mode. The printer comes with optional Wireless LAN and Ethernet, cutters and peelers.

Citizen Systems Europe operates from locations throughout Europe covering the EMEA region. It offers a wide range of printers for industrial, retail, healthcare and mobile applications specialising in label, barcode, portable and point-of-sale printers. In each case, the company’s products are sold and supported by a network of specialised partners.

Citizen Systems Europe

Mark Beauchamp, European Marketing Manager

Tel: 020 8893 1900


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