Four new orders, totalling twelve cranes systems

• Helping to create the world’s largest energy from waste facility

Demag Cranes has enjoyed further success in the rapidly developing Chinese energy from waste sector, winning four new orders for a total of twelve process crane systems.

Thomas H. Hagen. Member of the Management Board of Demag Cranes AG and COO, remarked: “These orders are further milestones, for Demag Cranes, in one of the most significant growth markets. These contracts enable us to expand on our position as a global technology leader in the energy from waste sector.“

An increasing volume of domestic and commercial refuse from China’s most densely populated urban areas has created significant opportunities for the generation of electricity via waste incineration. Such activities are sparing the use of fossil fuels, reducing overall CO2 emissions and limiting the volume of waste sent to landfill sites. Demag Cranes has been working closely with a number of Chinese energy from waste operators in the development of new plants.

Demag Cranes has been awarded an order to supply four automated crane systems for a new energy from waste facility at Laogang, Shanghai. Each of the 33.3m span, 18 tonne SWL cranes will be fitted with a 12 cu m grab and will benefit from high operating speeds for large capacity handling. The automatic systems will operate 24/7, blending and moving 1,800 tonnes of refuse per day, filling the refuse bunkers, which feed the incineration furnaces. Additional features include scanner based permanent measurement, which maintains the fill height of the bunkers and an active load sway damping system for smooth travel and operation. When fully operational, it is anticipated that the Laogang plant will have the capacity to process well over two million tonnes of waste per year, making it the largest refuse incineration facility in the world.

The General Manager for the Laogang project, Xue Jun Jiao, commented: “We are already using Demag Process Cranes in several refuse incineration plants, including Shanghai Puxi and Chengdu I. Our previous experience has given us the confidence to make this new investment in world leading technology.“

Demag Cranes has also won a contract to supply four automated process cranes for the BaoAn II energy from waste project. The BaoAn II facility will comprise two refuse bunkers and four incineration lines, with the capacity to process one million tonnes of waste per year. Four 35 m span Demag Process Cranes, fitted with 10 cu m grabs and load sway damping systems, will operate automatically 24/7 to provide a handling capacity of 140 tonnes per day for each crane. The cranes’ control systems have been designed to provide optimum feed levels and ensure the best possible blend of refuse for homogenous incineration.

Two further Demag semi automated Process Cranes, are to be installed within a new energy from waste project at Tanjin, near Peking. Both cranes have a 38m span, are rated at 12.5 tonne SWL and fitted with 8 cu m grabs. Demag Cranes will also supply two semi automated Process Crane systems at a refuse incineration plant serving Jinshan, Shanghai.

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