In 2008 Cranleigh Freight Services implemented an environmentally friendly initiative investing in two balers for plastic and cardboard. Now CFS has replaced the cardboard vertical baler for a time saving horizontal closed end cardboard baler with hopper. This baler shreds & compacts the cardboard and is both faster & user friendly as the boxes do not have to be flattened prior to being put in the baler.

There is an ever increasing demand for cardboard recycling, generated from within the company’s own division. CFS’s own Direct Home Delivery fleet provide the bulk of demand with the daily return of packaging, from their deliveries of large furniture items to consumer homes. Further cardboard is received from The Nationwide DHD depots, providing the depots with a cost efficient and ‘green’ solution for the disposal of their cardboard packaging. CFS UK Division offer clients ‘E-Collect’, an FOC cardboard and plastic recycling service, that can be requested in conjunction with the collection of a UK shipment

At present CFS are averaging 20.5 tonnes of cardboard a month sent for recycling, – saving 349 trees; 143500 gallons of water; 41 cubic yards of land fill; 84050 kw hrs of electricity.

Becky Young, Sales and Marketing Manager CFS said. “Here at CFS we are always pleased to reduce the need for conventional waste disposal and as the bales are sent for recycling, this results in both CFS and DHD taking a much more sustainable option, which is helping to reduce the impact on the environment”.

Cranleigh Freight Services


  1. martin smith

    That baler is made by CK International in Ireland not by Capital Compactors they have just badged it and sold it on for more money see Ck International Ltd website, this model is on there…..Capital do not make a Horizontal Baler, they buy Ck and Austropressen…..

  2. Robert Sole

    Hi There

    Thats a fine looking CK International Baler, if you had bought it directly from them it would have been cheaper – a saving that could have been offset against your carbon footprint. Many manufacturers claim to make machines they do not actually make, I hope that it is working ok it seems that you are commited to recycling which refreshing……

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