Making the most of space is an important factor for many businesses having a significant impact on a company’s profitability. Toyota Material Handling has extensive experience in high-density solutions. Toyota has launched two new very narrow aisle (VNA) product series in the BT Vector range and is updating its ground-breaking BT Radioshuttle aisle-free storage system.

Toyota Material Handling UK VNA manager, Mark Ogden said “Our new BT Vector range of advanced very narrow aisle trucks – together with our BT Radioshuttle aisle-free storage system – help customers gets the most value from their high-density storage applications. These new products continue our commitment as a responsible partner in helping businesses drive down costs while promoting safe, efficient operations.”

Toyota Material Handling’s range of BT Vector VNA trucks are designed to maximise safety, productivity, driveability and durability. Unique features minimise the space occupied by the trucks and vastly improve speed and efficiency in operation. Like all BT warehouse equipment, BT Vector trucks are designed to work effectively in chilled environments, where the space-saving benefits of VNA storage are particularly beneficial. In addition to its new BT Vector C-series and R-series trucks, Toyota’s VNA range also includes the BT Vector A-series. This advanced product has an articulated chassis that provides excellent stability and minimises the space required for aisle-to-aisle transfer – maximising the amount of warehouse space that be used for storage.

New BT Vector C-series – the latest man-up solution

Toyota’s range of BT very narrow aisle ‘combi’ trucks – combining full pallet handling and order picking – are amongst the most advanced lift trucks in use today. The new BT Vector C-series offers state-of-the-art solutions to the most demanding warehousing operations, where high productivity is a constant requirement.

All aspects of the cab are adjustable to suit the driver. This includes the height of the twin control panels, which are designed to allow a fast change of driver position to suit pallet handling or picking. All truck movements are fingertip-controlled for fast and accurate handling. Vision is another key factor. The BT Vector C-series is built around the BT Totalview concept, with clear visibility throughout the driving and handling process.

The BT Vector C-series’ industry-standard chassis configuration can be specified to work in most existing VNA applications, while its unique fold-down mast allows fast and easy installation. Most VNA trucks require on-site assembly with requirements for heavy lifting to build the mast assembly.

The BT Vector C-series has a swing-down mast design, which means it can be shipped on a standard road vehicle and towed into position, with mast repositioning and final commissioning taking less than half a day, driving down installation costs.

With travel speeds of up to 12 km/h the BT Vector C-series outperforms comparable 3-wheel combi trucks. The BT Optipace system optimises travel speed according lift height, allowing high speed elevated travel without compromising safety. Simultaneous lifting and lowering of the cab and fork unit is also possible, allowing the operator to move between pick positions quickly and accurately, again adding to productivity.

The design of the hydraulic system on BT Vector C-series trucks has also been optimised not only for high lift / lower performance, but also to conserve energy. The result is long operating shifts before battery recharging is required, thanks to high capacity batteries and regenerative braking and lowering.

The BT Vector C-series is available in three load capacities: 1,000 kg, 1,200 kg, and 1,350 kg. The 1,000 kg-capacity VCE100 model offers the highest lift heights and best performance in its class. First production of Vector C is scheduled for Q3, 2011.

New BT Vector R-series – the latest man-down solution

The all-new BT Vector R-series is designed for handling full pallets in very narrow aisles. Developed on the advanced and highly successful BT Reflex reach truck platform, BT Vector R-series boasts many class-leading driveability and productivity features.

The unique Transitional Lift Control (TLC) feature ensures that lifting and lowering movements are very smooth, even at maximum speed and during transition between mast stages. This protects the load by eliminating shocks, thus reducing the risk of load damage and associated costs. The optional autorotation feature allows the operator to both rotate and traverse the forks with one control for smooth operation within very tight aisle dimensions.

BT Vector R-series has a high maximum travel speed of 14 km/h, excellent acceleration, and a lift speed some 35% greater than the model it replaces. Its maximum lift height is 11 metres. The AC power system regenerates energy under braking and lowering, maximising the work that can be done before recharging or changing the battery.

Designed for maximum quality and reliability, the BT Vector R-series has a heavy-duty drive unit and gearbox for a long working life. The AC motors are brushless and the oil filter only needs to be changed after 3,000 working hours. The size of the drive-wheel on the BT Vector R-series has been substantially increased, reducing wear and improving the ride quality.

BT Vector VRE125 and VRE150 models offer turret-head operation for greater flexibility and load capacities of 1,250 kg and 1,500 kg, respectively. The VRE125SF (load capacity 1,250 kg) has shuttle forks, allowing even faster operation in narrow aisles, for maximum use of space. First production of Vector R is scheduled for Q4, 2011.

Aisle-free storage with BT Radioshuttle

BT Radioshuttle is a high-performance solution for efficient handling of goods in high-density racking. The fourth-generation BT Radioshuttle has new features that include an upgraded personal protection system with laser scanner and light and sound signals to help ensure personal safety. The enhanced interface and digital display include a pallet inventory feature which displays the number of pallets in the tunnel, audible pick and drop alerts, and a simplified remote control for easier operation. The optional wireless link allows integration with the warehouse management system (WMS).

BT Radioshuttle is based on electrically powered load carriers that transport goods in and out of storage tunnels within specially designed racking. The load carriers are operated by wireless remote control, and several units can be controlled from one transmitter. This gives operators the freedom to work elsewhere while already initiating retrieval of the next load(s) to be handled. Individual load carriers can be quickly and easily transferred between different storage locations by a conventional forklift truck, adding flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Built-in fork guides provide for secure transport when moving units in this manner.

Delivering the highest available performance standards for this type of solution, each BT Radioshuttle unit has rechargeable batteries, and a range of units are available for different pallet sizes. Maximum load capacity is 1,500 kg. For added reliability, units are sealed to prevent liquid ingress. PIN-code access on the remote control prevents unauthorised use of the system.

The system is suitable for both first-in first-out (FIFO), and first-in last-out (FILO) operations, allowing extremely cost-effective use of expensive warehouse space – particularly in cold or chilled storage operations. The new fourth-generation BT Radioshuttle is available now

Toyota Material Handling UK

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