Along with continued investment into energy saving solutions, Benning have now given its customers direct access to their new on-line “Energy Efficiency Calculator”.

With just 2 clicks from the Benning home page, you can access the “Energy Efficiency Calculator”. You then just simply fill in your battery details and “start costing”, it couldn’t be simpler than that.

The tool is now widely used, not only by Benning’s growing customer base, but also by anyone just exploring the reality of costs for either a new fleet or current forklift equipment.

It is of course becoming standard practice now for material handling suppliers to consider the fuel package running costs as well as the carbon emissions from the use of forklift trucks, which is led by end users being more focused on whole life economics and environmental issues.

The Belatron high efficiency charging system, using latest high frequency technology, will reduce in comparison with conventional and other high frequency charging systems, the consumption of electrical energy during the charging cycle by approx 25%. We must also consider the cost of maintenance too, and with Benning high frequency, maintenance is reduced by approx 50%.

When it comes to build quality and reliability, Benning are certainly leading the way. HF chargers require forced air through fans in order to keep the charger cool, and this air is blown over the delicate electrical components. This air, even in the cleanest environments will contain conductive material or corrosive acidic particles from the battery, and so the effect is PCB failure. ( 95% of failures due to PCB breakdown ) The effect of this failure is clear.  Truck down time.

The critical point is that Benning have eliminated the PCB failure due to the conductive air and so increased the reliability of HF technology through a unique technology improvement. As well as improved reliability, Benning have a HF charger of unrivalled efficiency, offering of course lower energy costs and that all important reduction of carbon emissions.

To access the calculator: – click products and services – traction chargers – energy calculator.

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