Atlet introduces the new generation Tergo – the world’s most ergonomic reach trucks.

Atlet, the Swedish truck manufacturer which is part of the Nissan Group, is launching Tergo, a new generation of reach trucks. With a wide range of ergonomic innovations to minimise operator fatigue and stress, these trucks are designed to be the most ergonomic trucks on the market.

Speaking at Atlet’s UK headquarters at Thame, Paul Forster, Atlet’s Joint UK Managing Director, explained why the new trucks’ innovative design gives first priority to ergonomics: “With a market demanding high uptime and operators often spending their entire day in the forklift, an ergonomically superior operator environment is the way to go.”

To enhance productivity, the operator environment of the new Atlet Tergo reach trucks has been entirely designed around the operator. It’s a complete ergonomic concept including a brace of personal adjustments and innovations, allowing a strain-free, variable and inviting working environment. The product development also included a large commitment from the users.

“Our aim was to design the world’s most personal truck. By involving the users from the very beginning of the project and then continuously soliciting their input, the operators had a profound impact on the final result,” Paul Forster explained to Warehouse & Logistics News.

Ergonomics have been an Atlet hallmark since the early 1990s. Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, close to Atlet’s Swedish base, carried out a comparative ergonomic evaluation study.

“The study compared the new Atlet Tergo with reach trucks from three other makes and showed that the Tergo offered more ergonomic working postures than the other reach trucks,” Paul Forster revealed. “And of course, we are very pleased our hard work keeps paying off.”

Expanded truck range for expanding markets

The European reach truck market is around 20,000 units per year. In Europe, reach trucks form the main force in most internal material handling operations – not least within food distribution. The new Tergo range is extended at both ends to meet the needs from a wide spectrum of users.

Mark Gibb, Atlet UK’s other Joint MD, explained the European context for the new range: “In Europe we meet the demands from intensive food distribution to stack higher, heavier and faster, as well as the requirements from new fast growing businesses in Eastern Europe who require a more basic reach truck but still with the focus on the operator and productivity.”

By extending the range and offering additional value for the users, Atlet expects a more than 30% increased market share.

“Our goal is to take a stronger position within the market for warehouse trucks, and this launch of the new Tergo reach truck will secure our position as one of the leading suppliers of high performing quality trucks.”

Human-centric innovations for higher productivity

Allowing the operator to perform optimally even during long shifts, the new Atlet Tergo reach trucks feature a range of interacting technologies that contribute to a relaxed posture for the operator.

• Multi-adjustable dashboard, floor, seat and armrest for a stress-free body position

• Atlet’s unique mini steering wheel for reduced strain on neck and shoulders

• Patent pending backrest design which is both high and narrow for improved body movement patterns

• Adjustable lumbar support to maintain the natural S-curve of the spine

• Tilting backrest for improved ergonomics and control at high lifting operations

• Hands-free travel direction control for more intuitive manoeuvrability

• Atlet’s new multi-function control Ergo Logic II allows lifting, lowering and tilting with one grip using the same control

• Full body vibration is reduced by 25% compared to the existing model

• New mast damping system and extremely silent transmission and hydraulics, makes the new Tergo® market leading in low noise level     with only 58-61dB, depending on model (VDI), at the operator’s ear.

The Tergo range also features the following solutions for improved productivity:

• ProVision mast design with integrated hydraulics for better visibility

• Optional top speed of 14.5 km/h makes the Tergo one of the world’s fastest reach trucks.

• Extended service intervals and optimised modularity for reduced total cost of ownership

• Reduced energy consumption

• Improved operating, lifting and stability performance for increased productivity and throughput

• New technical solutions: Level Assistance System – LAS for faster and safer load handling at heights

• Active Spin Reduction – ASR for maintained safety also on floor with low friction.

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Tel: 01844 215501


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