The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has chosen RDS South West to supply Liftlog 100 on-board weighing systems for their counterbalance fork trucks used in the workshop and pre-assembly building.

Central to the RSC six week, five-play residency at New York’s Park Avenue Armory is the transportation of a full-scale replica auditorium of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre with even the seats colour matched to those at the RST.

Designed, engineered and built by the RSC’s in-house team, the future proofed auditorium complying to both European and US building legislation is a four tier, 19 metre high construction made up of individual seating units with built in fork channels that allow them to be easily weighed by the forklift installed Liftlog 100.

Previously the team used a more complex jib and load cell arrangement that was time consuming to install and remove from the forklift as it was required to move between weighing and lifting tasks. The non-intrusive fit of the Liftlog 100 has no impact on rated lift capacity and the trucks are now free to operate as normal.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the system, Gary Wright, Logistics Manager, said “the ease of use and reasonable price tag of Lift 100 has significantly speeded up the manufacturing process”.

The auditorium complete with everything required to put on the production including stage, props, costumes, overhead rigging and winch gear is being shipped to New York in 44 high cube shipping containers with first container leaving Stratford mid May.

Upon arrival at the carnivorous Park Avenue Armory in June, a crane will lift the containers in specific order placing them in their designated positions in the military drill hall to fulfil a secondary role as back stage flooring with timber cladding constructed on top.

Gary explains “we need to know the weight of each container for supplying to the shippers and crane company in New York so the Liftlog 100 systems will come into their own during the loading process”

Justifiably proud of this huge and prestigious project, Gary advised that its very much a British affair from in-house design and engineering to material and product sourced from the UK wherever possible including the Liftlog 100 systems, designed and manufactured at RDS headquarters near Stroud, Gloucestershire.

For more information on how RDS on-board weighing systems can enhance your productivity please visit or speak to:

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