Wavin is one of the leading Pan-European names as a total solutions provider in the sector of plastic pipes and fittings for the building, construction and utilities industries. With offices in 29 countries the company offers solutions above & below ground for aspects such as hot and cold tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, rainwater management and last mile telecom.

Because of the length and weight of the tubes the flow as it were of materials within the plants is a major challenge and naturally throughout Europe Wavin relies on Lancer sideloaders to meet the specialist need of safe and proper handling of the huge quantities of  piping involved.

As a typical local example two Lancer LQ 60s were put in to service at Wavin’s Durham premises. These robust and highly economic Diesel powered trucks pick up the various pipes from the production facility and either take them to the storage area or load them directly on to lorries for immediate dispatch. Typical of Lancer’s versatility and customer awareness, one of the side loaders is equipped with a telescopic spreader beam for very long pipes. The operator can simply adjust the beam via a joystick in the cabin and the truck can safely lift and transport pipes from 6 to 18 metres in length. When empty the spreader is retracted to give the truck a compact and tidy profile. Equally the high ground clearance, long wheelbase and extreme manoeuvrability combine for overall constant safety for the operator, load and truck.

Aside from these notable features, the Lancer side loader concept offers the ideal solution for handling and transporting heavy material on ground conditions which are not ideal. Using side loaders with four large wheels minimises damage on asphalt and non-paved sites. The combined weight of truck and load rests safely on the four wide wheels whilst travelling. This is very important when curving, accelerating and braking. The operator always faces the direction of travel and has excellent all-round vision. When picking up or setting down the load the long wheel base ensures unparalleled stability even when the cargo is lifted off centre. All of which ensures compliance with the exacting standards of Wavin and the appropriate Health & Safety legislation.


Tel: 01525 378000

Email sales@lancertrucks.co.uk


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