ISM freezer cleaning removes dirt, food soils, tire tread marks, ice and frost without defrosting. ISM can remove hydrocarbon residues (petroleum derivatives, oils, fats, greases, sugars and proteins) at temperatures down to – 56C.

ISM “Sub Zero” provides the deepest clean in sub-zero temperatures. The Sub Zero team use innovative machinery and food safe freezing point depressants and natural cleaning liquids eliminating costly freezer shut downs. The formula is PH neutral and will not damage floors, walls or other freezer room surfaces.

Floors and surfaces are cleaned to the highest standard leaving no residue, no environmental risk, ice or hazards.

The ISM Freezer floor and surface cleaning process features unique Micro-Blasting technology. The technology employs nano-based particles, 1/80,000 the thickness of human hair, to penetrate foreign molecules for the quick and easy removal of tough stains and harmful substances.

This industry 1st process targets hard-to-remove substances and tyre marks. This proprietary chemistry is environmentally-safe – food safe and designed to help to maint ain and promote a healthier environment.

ISM freezer cleaning can be used for de-icing condensate build up in freezers and truck containers, curtains and all other surfaces.


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