Industrial cleaning machinery company, ICE Limited t/a Cleanfix UK announced today that their clients can take advantage of a Government scheme to offset the full purchase costs of new water-efficient cleaning machines against taxable profits. A number of the innovative company’s products have met the criteria for the Water Technology List, and they are one of only 5 UK companies within their market to do so.

The Water Technology List, managed by AEA Group on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue and Customs, will help businesses save money in the short and long-term by encouraging them to invest in technologies and products that reduce water use and improve water quality. Water savings are a key area for all businesses. Manufacturing companies can easily save between 30% and 50% of water and wastewater costs through inexpensive changes to their working practices.

Kate Davis, AEA Group water specialist, said, “The Water Technology List is making it easy for businesses to make important decisions to improve their water use and water quality and save money at the same time. Businesses will benefit in the long-term through reduced water costs and improved water efficiency and in the short-term by claiming an Enhanced Capital Allowance.”

She added, “ICE is one of the product and technology manufacturers leading the industry forward.  One of the objectives of offering the ECA is to encourage innovation and to encourage companies such as ICE to come up with new technologies to improve water use and water quality.”

ICE has over 40 years’ experience leading the market with a wide range of future-friendly cleaning equipment solutions. Our customer-focused model, along with the innovative services and products we offer, continues to set the standards for our industry. Our customers enjoy 24/7 dedicated support from our nationwide network of engineers. We provide a Repair or Replace programme for equipment, with ongoing service plans, whatever the make or model.

For more information, visit or call the WTL Advice Line on 0844 875 5885 or contact:

ICE Limited

Andy Riddle

Director of Strategic Development

Tel: 0800 085 4384 or

023 8077 7000


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