Carrylift employees and their families have planted the first of 1,000s of carbon-absorbing trees made possible by their partnership with the Woodland Trust.

More than 100 acres of new native woodland is being created by material handling specialists Carrylift, which is the first and only forklift truck company in the UK to have committed to locking up the lifetime CO2 emissions in the UK.

The families visited the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity’s Greendale Wood, in Grindleton, Lancashire, where they were given a demonstration on how to plant a tree by one of the charity’s woodland officers.

They then put spade to earth – planting many saplings before being given a tour of the wood where they learned about the charity’s work and how it benefits wildlife living in the wood.

Steven Routledge, Group Sales Director at Carrylift said: “I had a terrific day tree planting with my family and my colleagues. It’s great to know that every tree we planted was going into the ground because of the work that Carrylift does with the Woodland Trust. The whole family had a great time and we hope to be able to plant more trees in the future.”

“It is great to see that Carrylift’s partnership with the Woodland Trust is already having a positive affect on the environment, which future generations will come to enjoy. Tree planting is also a great way to teach the kids about the environment, as well as how industry can do its bit to capture and store CO2 emissions, which would otherwise leak into the atmosphere and contribute towards global warming.”

Steven’s son Owen Routledge, added: “I liked going outside to the woodland and learning about nature. The tree planting was really fun and I got all muddy planting the baby trees in the ground. I want to go back to this wood when I grow up and see my trees when they are big and strong.”

The rest of the 105 acres, which is equivalent to 60 football pitches of carbon absorbing trees, will be planted in some of the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity’s 1,000 UK woods. Each wood has free public access and is protected and managed for future generations to enjoy and explore. Annually, the 21.6 acres of woodland being created by the Carrylift partnership will eventually lock up at least 3,400 tonnes of C02.

Yasmine Davies, from the Woodland Trust, who attended the tree planting event, said: “It was fantastic to see people of all ages having such a great time planting saplings. In just a few years these trees will start to resemble woodland, which provides a lovely natural playground for people of all ages to explore and enjoy. I would like to say a big thank you to Carrylift for their support, which will benefit communities all over the UK.”


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