“The Linde electric counterbalance trucks keep our operators comfortable and safe which enables optimum workforce efficiency.  Even through our peak times, we maintain our high level of warehouse productivity because we increase the amount of counterbalance trucks required on site by utilizing Linde’s short term rental packages.”

Andrew Whitehall, Warehousing Manager, Johnson Tiles

Linde Material Handling supplies Johnson Tiles with a range of electric counterbalance trucks to provide the strength and manoeuvrability needed to cope with heavy loads in an intricate warehouse environment.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Johnson Tiles is a division of Norcros Group Holdings Ltd. With over 100 year’s experience, the company is the UK’s leading manufacturer and importer of ceramic wall and floor tiles for the residential and commercial markets.

Leon Jackson, Sales Account Manager at Linde Creighton Ltd explains:

“We first started working with Johnson Tiles in 2008 where its requirement was for a specialized truck that could help the business grow in the challenging economic environment.  The combination of the right product and business solution was a key factor for this customer and our Very Narrow Aisle truck provision was a key factor in the continued success of this operation.”

Linde currently supplies Johnson Tiles with a mixed fleet of trucks as well as additional trucks, on short term rental, over the high sales season to ensure Johnson Tiles can cope with peaks in demand.

The Linde trucks are so strong and precise, that they make light work of lifting half tonne pallets of ceramic tiles with literally the flick of a fingertip. The in-truck energy management system also helps operators gauge the level of charge left in the truck to reduce wasted charge time and cost.  The advanced design features of the Linde trucks also maximise operator performance, safety and comfort which in turn make shifts more productive, cost, time and energy efficient for the company.

Linde Material Handling

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