Crown’s new LP 3500 Series includes four models of mid-level order picker designed to make order picking faster and more flexible. Capable of lifting up to 1,000 kg and travelling at speeds of up to 10.5 kph, the LP 3500 is an efficient solution for warehouse operators who need to pick goods from two- and three-tier racking.

A day in intralogistics is a day filled with challenges. One such challenge is efficient warehouse management, of which order picking forms a major part.

Picking levels are usually positioned at ground level for optimum efficiency. But many companies need access to such a wide variety of goods that this approach just isn’t practical. Increasingly, warehouse managers are obliged to create picking locations on multiple tiers of shelving or racking. This creates a new challenge of finding a fast and flexible way to pick orders from second- and third-tier racks. Fortunately, Crown has developed a highly efficient solution – the LP 3500 Series.

Top level picking performance

The new Crown LP 3500 Series includes models with either fixed forks or auxiliary lifting forks. All models are capable of exceptional performance in their specific areas of application, which are determined by the types of goods to be picked and the heights at which they are stored. The models with auxiliary lifting capability are ideally suited to applications that may, for example, have a high degree of small-sized or even fragile goods, because the forks can be positioned at a convenient height for placing these goods onto the pallet.

All models in the new Series are capable of lifting the operator platform to a height of 1,800 mm, handling heavy loads and travelling at elevation – which is why they represent such an efficient, flexible solution for various order picking scenarios.

Increased operator efficiency

Speed and efficiency are the key to smoothly functioning picking operations. Analysing the complete order-picking cycle, the least productive elements (representing just under 50%) consist of time spent travelling between individual picking stations and time spent raising or lowering the platform. To reduce this time factor and optimise the working process, operators can raise or lower the platforms on Crown LP 3500 Seriestrucks while they are driving along. For added safety, the truck’s speed adjusts automatically in proportion to platform height, in a smooth and stepless fashion.

In applications where trucks are constantly travelling just a short distance between order-picking stations, warehouse managers can opt to fit the truck controls on the fork side of the platform. This saves operators even more time, as they no longer have to twist or turn to reach controls behind them, or change position between travelling and picking.

To improve picking performance even further, the entire LP 3500 Series is fitted with a powerful AC drive system. The high-torque AC motor enables the trucks to accelerate rapidly while using very little energy, and requires minimal maintenance. Regenerative braking is safe and reliable, saving energy by re-using it.

Safe order picking at any level

Crown’s LP 3500 Series is characterised by an attention to detail that makes each operator’s daily work easier and more efficient. The ergonomic layout of the controls and thick rubber mat fitted to the floor of the operator’s compartment help to minimise operator fatigue. Electronic steering means that the trucks are highly manoeuvrable during order-picking operations. An easy-read display provides the driver with concise information on key vehicle status indicators.

When operators are picking orders at heights above 1,200 mm, three-bar safety gates on either side of the platform help keep them safe. These gates are quick and easy to open and close due to built-in shock absorbers. Operator safety is further enhanced by an overhead guard.

The new LP 3500 Series expands Crown’s prize-winning range of lift trucks by adding four robust, durable, mid-level order pickers to an already impressive range of warehouse equipment.

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