The forklift truck manufacturer and Intralogistics provider STILL, based in Hamburg, is expanding its product range by including the new RC 40 diesel and LPG counterbalance range of trucks with load capacities of 1.5 to 3.0 tonnes.

With the introduction of the RC40, STILL underlines its claim to offer the right product for any logistics demand. The trucks stand out with their rugged build, ease of handling and well thought-out ergonomics.

A single speed torque converter transmission feeds the engine’s power smoothly and efficiently to the front wheels. These large front wheels make the truck perfect for indoor and outdoor operation. In these applications the RC 40 complements the well known RX 70 with its hybrid-electric drive. The RC 40 combines productivity and economics. It is a user-friendly truck offering well thought-out design details.

The RC 40 series: Ideal for indoor and outdoor operation

The RC 40 features a large floor area and is especially suitable for outdoor operation on bumpy or uneven surfaces as well as smooth loading areas.

Several features were implemented to reduce the body vibrations to the operator: The large drive wheels reduce hard impacts from bumps in the road, the cabin is mounted on four rubber shock absorbers and the foot space is clad with a special vibration dampening floor mat. In addition, vibrations are also dampened by the high quality full suspension Grammer seats.

Large and user-friendly workspace

The operator will feel at home at once in the large workspace of the RC 40 which is also available with a cab. The angle of the steering column is fully adjustable and the hydraulic controls functions are ideally positioned to reach from the driver’s seat and the display is clear to read. A practical DIN A4-sized storage space is located beside the seat. The standard seat is the well known Grammer MSG 20 with various other options available on request.

The large footwell is free of obstacles giving the driver freedom to move his feet comfortably. The tilt angle of the floor plate and the low positioning of the pedals allow the driver to hold his feet at a relaxed position when operating the pedals.

Safety as a result of controlled lift and drive movements ‘MoveControl’

Safety starts with good visibility. The panoramic visibility of the RC 40 is first class with full visibility through the mast, cab and overhead guard. Safety for the driver is further increased by the large access step which is easily visible when getting in or out of the cab.

The ‘MoveControl’ twin drive pedal option offers the operator two advantages: Firstly he can change the drive direction with his foot and secondly he can lift quickly and drive slowly at the same time, all in complete safety. If the driver depresses both pedals at once, the diesel engine will speed up according to how far the pedals are pressed. However, the truck will not move forwards or backwards. This is a unique safety function for a torque converter truck and only available on the RC 40.

A conventional torque converter truck will tend to creep away when direction of travel is selected and the brakes released. The RC 40 however has safety as a premium and will not start moving in either direction until the accelerator pedal is depressed.

High productivity included as standard

For ease and speed of maintenance all important components in the engine compartment are easily accessible. The engine cover can be opened to an upright position and the floor plate is easy to remove. All inspection and maintenance points are located within easy reach.

STILL is the leading supplier for the intelligent management of intralogistics – the whole flow of material and information. Since it was formed in 1920, STILL have manufactured forklift and warehousing trucks that are innovative, ergonomically advanced and environmentally friendly. With the main manufacturing facility and headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, STILL employ over 6,000 people throughout Europe, all dedicated to meeting the individual demands of each customer.

In the UK, STILL has won more Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) awards than any other manufacturer or supplier – 7 in total for the areas of Environment, Safety and Ergonomics. Each prestigious award is voted for by the public and the industry.

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