Phil Pearson, Linde MH UK Head of Marketing says: “When it comes to purchasing fork lift trucks, planning and investigation beforehand is imperative for any organisation in order to select the best vehicles for the job in terms of space, application and the highest levels of safety. Key considerations in the procurement process must include a sound understanding of the properties of the materials to be handled, such as load and the methods used to store, ship and receive materials. Familiarisation with the variety of truck options available is important. Avoid the temptation to just reorder the same as last time. Product innovations are happening at such a pace that there may well be something new on offer that will deliver greater productivity over the last product ordered.”

As part of its continued investment in developing customer-oriented product solutions, Linde is launching two new truck ranges this month- the E20-E50 series electric counterbalance range and the 10 to 18 tonne diesel engine counterbalance series.

The new E20-E50 Series

Linde’s new E20-E50 series electric counterbalance truck range has been developed to deliver even greater levels of performance and productivity, whatever the application. The 2 to 3.5 tonne lift capacity will launch in early 2011, followed by the 3.5 to 5 tonne lift capacity series later in the year.

Both offer a host of innovations for optimum operator comfort, intelligent energy management and superior productivity. The chassis suspension system offers new realms of protection by optimising all isolation points to shield the operator from vibrations, bumps and noises. While the new seat and armrest are fully adjustable for added comfort.

All E20-E50 trucks are fitted with an Ecomode setting as standard. This advanced energy management system offers a choice of three operating modes – Performance, Economy and Efficiency – allowing the user to strike the perfect balance between performance and energy consumption in accordance with their own specific application. Battery charging requirements have also been addressed with an intelligent on-board driver display. This shows the remaining driving time in minutes, to allow the truck to be driven right up to its next battery change or recharging cycle, putting the user in control of energy management. Battery changes can be performed from above or the side of the truck as well as onboard re-charging removes the need to open doors, battery hoods or windows.

Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, these new E-trucks also provide traction control as standard. A forklift first, this removes the problems of snow, ice and slippery surfaces, by redistributing power and torque between the wheels for optimum traction whatever the weather.

The new heavy duty diesel counterbalance series

Linde is also launching a new 10 to 18 tonne diesel engine counterbalance series to service the heavier end of the forklift truck market. Manufactured at Linde’s Heavy Truck Division in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, the new H100-H180 series is designed to provide class-leading performance, with optimal speed and precision through a unique hydrostatic drive system. The cutting edge operator’s compartment ensures precise load control and unrivalled operator comfort & safety, as well as clear, all round visibility. While the side tilting cab enables fast and simple access for servicing and maintenance to help reduce potential downtime.

Phil Pearson concludes: “We have worked hard to develop a wide range of products and services to help our customers get the best out of their material handling procurement. A commitment that will continue across 2011 and beyond. In addition to our bespoke fleet optimisation and warehouse management tool Stratos, expansion of our fleet refurbishment capability and new range of high performance electric counterbalance trucks, we have also introduced remote access truck diagnostics and servicing for better performance and are gearing up for the 2011 launch of our new urban delivery solution – the CiTi truck.“

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