Hoppecke Industrial Batteries – leading specialist for industrial battery systems and the largest battery manufacturer under European ownership – will have a substantial presence at CeMat where it will display the very latest innovations in battery technology that tie in with the show’s focus on sustainable and innovative products.

Deep in a German forest Hoppecke has one of Europe’s few ‘lead hungry’ smelting plants that incorporates the very latest re-cycling facilities for lead-acid batteries. Bernard Molloy, MD of Hoppecke UK, says: “Our commitment to the environment is firmly part of Hoppecke’s ethos and discovering new, greener technologies is at the heart of our research and development.”

Centre-stage will be the company’s patented trak® air battery system which enables forklift truck fleet owners to slash their carbon footprint while saving thousands on battery replacement costs. At the same time, battery temperature levels are reduced by around 10°C and energy consumption is cut by trak® air reducing the need for battery filling down to four to six times a year, cutting battery gassing and offering over 30% savings on electricity.

Also, charging times are reduced by around 2.5 hours thanks to the trak® air high frequency charger which incorporates a micro-processor. At the same time, water consumption is reduced by up to 70%, giving the batteries a much longer life and minimising the need for battery disposal which is a major environmental headache.

Visitors to the stand will also learn of Hoppecke’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week battery and charger maintenance service that maximises battery availability while at the same time reducing equipment downtime and making sure that battery costs are kept as low as possible. All Hoppecke batteries come with a five year warranty and are backed by the company’s ‘Power for Life’ package in which all battery filling and maintenance as well as testing, installation and inspection are carried out by Hoppecke engineers.

Hoppecke Industrial Batteries

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