On the back of record trading years in 2008 and 2009, Gloucester based CKF Systems Limited can proudly announce continued success through 2010 as it approaches the £6.5 million sales achieved the previous year.

One of the prime factors in this success has been the continued growth in robotic applications and bespoke machine development, primarily for food related industries.

Throughout 2010 CKF have completed a multi-million pound robot installation for a major UK based food manufacturer plus a number of smaller robot based systems; and has secured further such work for the New Year. Applications range from handling and distribution of trays through to automated pallet stacking systems and high speed product loading arrangements. Most of these systems include highly specialised vision inspection facilities, advanced manipulators and grippers, plus an extensive range of conveyor systems incorporating an array of product conditioning features.

Sales Director, Kevin Staines explains that “whilst the established benefits of installing robot systems such as efficiency, cost reduction, versatility, etc remain prime motivators for the introduction of such equipment, CKF can also demonstrate environmental benefits through increased stack heights (above acceptable limits for manual stacking) that improve utilisation of transport vehicles thereby reducing the size of vehicles required and number of deliveries”.

Typically based on the ABB range of robots the CKF supplied systems have included the IRB660 state- of-the-art 4-axes unit that combines a 3.15m reach with a 250kg payload – ideal for handling bags, boxes, crates and bottles. More recent systems have incorporated the IRB360 Flexpicker ™ robots for their high-speed pick and place capabilities and versatility in product handling and operating environment.

CKF assume full project management responsibilities for all applications from conceptual design and simulation through to detail design, manufacture, assembly, extensive testing, installation and commissioning. One particular attraction of the CKF approach has been the close working relationships developed with our customers through assuming direct control or working as an extension of their own team.

The company has also invested heavily in controls capabilities through recruitment of additional software engineers and technicians, plus investment in robot simulation packages and specialist training activities. This development further enhances the company’s ability to provide a one-stop- shop for complete systems, or, to provide a controls related service only.

The ongoing development of skills and services coupled with the success achieved though an array of robot applications have established CKF as a major player in the field of product automation and handling.

CKF Systems Ltd

Tel: 01452 424565


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