SSI Schaefer’s 380m2 exhibition stand certainly attracted the attention of IMHX visitors across the four day show using a visual explosion of colours to draw the crowds in.

The stand was jam-packed full of exciting, innovative storage solution products designed to meet and exceed the storage, order picking and handling requirements of all sectors within the logistics supply chain industry.

Cutting edge automated systems offering rapid returns on investment stood alongside more traditional solution routes and an experienced sales and technical team were out in force to show delegates the vast array of new products on offer, including the Schaefer Orbiter System – a Deep Pallet Storage and Retrieval Device which leads the way in providing safe and controllable technology for this type of system.

A range of new plastic containers were on the stand – the robust but remarkably light ECOfresh folding crate to keep food fresh over long distances and an environmentally friendly plastic container using the award-winning and highly regarded  INTERCEPT® Technology.


INTERCEPT® products do not emit chemical gases; they can be recycled and meet all work safety requirements and goods no longer need to be preserved, for example, by oiling them, resulting in considerable processing cost savings. Such technology allows users to protect goods against corrosion during transport, shipment and storage under extreme conditions and reduce production costs whilst reducing overall carbon footprint impact.

SSI Schaefer also revealed its new system for the transportation, storage, sorting and distribution of hanging garments and flat packed garments, set to revolutionise the fashion logistics industry.

SSI Schaefer’s automated pick to bucket system also proved popular with visitors – a highly effective, ergonomically designed goods-to-man order picking solution, which utilises a pick-by-light guidance system to sort and consolidate items into shipping cartons or totes. Automatic error detection and item pick acknowledgement are features of this system, which also supports up to 1,000 picks per hour.

The i-Pick, SSI Schaefer’s cost-effective, high quality, self-installed and configured, entry-level pick-by-light system offering increased warehouse output levels by 300% over standard picking systems attracted a host of warehouse managers due to its low-cost installation fees.

An ergonomic, systems-integrated goods-in workstation was on display to demonstrate just how quickly and easily goods-in can be processed and made ready for put-away. The workstation is designed and optimised for successful and speedy accomplishment of all goods in processing tasks and it centres on reducing physical strain by minimising load-lifting and movement.

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