Strengthening ground under warehouse, factory or retail outlet floors to support the installation of a mezzanine level usually involves total shutdown of the facility, with all the costs associated with such disruption. Yet the use of resin injection processes from specialist contractor Uretek UK Ltd allows the strengthening of floors with minimal disruption.

The Uretek process involves the injection of liquid resin through 15-20mm diameter holes drilled through the floor slab. The material immediately expands to fill any voids, and consolidates and strengthens the ground, enabling greater weight to be safely placed on the flooring. Because of the rapid set-off time of the resin, the slab lifting method is highly accurate and controllable, with movement being carefully monitored by laser level to avoid overlift.

Only 10% of the weight of concrete, the material does not add weight or stress to the surrounding soil.

While the ground strengthening is carried out, work can continue in the facility, with the process being applied to one small area at a time and the rest of the commercial operations proceeding normally. No dust or mess is created, and there are no excavations. The Uretek material achieves 90% of its strength within 15 minutes, enabling areas to be re-used immediately following treatment. Warehouse racking can remain in place while the treatment is carried out.

Mezzanine floors are seen as an attractive option in an economically constrained climate, as they allow additional commercial space without the expense of building a new facility. By the same principle, strengthening the ground for mezzanine columns without having to sacrifice time or retail opportunity makes polymer injection an attractive option. A further benefit is the environmental advantages of polymer injection – no excavations means that no material needs to be taken away to landfill, and no new material is brought onto site. The polymers consolidate and strengthen the existing ground.

Uretek’s Slab Lifting, Deep Injection and PowerPile systems are available for the optimum results, offering the best and fastest strengthening options for different ground conditions. Deep Injection involves multiple polymer injections at varying depths, while PowerPile makes the treatment of very weak ground feasible by inserting geotextile tubes underground and then inflating them with expanding polymers.

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