Fast on the heels of the successful launch of its Identicom® mobile for Blackberry® smartphones, Connexion2, manufacturer of the multi-award winning Identicom lone worker device (LWD), has launched a new version of Identicom mobile for use with rugged Windows Mobile smartphones.  Targeted at a variety of vertical markets such as field service, field sales, utilities, manufacturing and transportation and distribution sectors, the Identicom mobile for Windows offers all the functionality available on the standard Identicom LWD utilising the touch screen facility developed by Microsoft for mobile operating systems.

Like Identicom mobile for Blackberry, the Windows version is compliant with Section 5.2.1 of BS8484 and is easy to install on rugged Microsoft Windows Mobile smartphones through a simple application download. This application enables a user to obtain the necessary help if they become a victim of verbal abuse; an attack, a fall or they feel their health or safety could be compromised. As both versions of Identicom mobile utilise the same interface, companies are able to use a mixture of devices for their lone workers utilising the same communications policy, objectives and training.

Ruggedised smartphones are becoming particularly popular in certain industries as they can withstand extreme and harsh environments as well as being dropped from a height.  This makes them particularly popular with lone workers that are vulnerable to social risk as well as trips, slips and falls – in particular maintenance and utility personnel and those working in the transport and logistics industry. They are also valuable devices, which can result in instances of theft. Therefore a lone worker application that sits on such a product gives a worker the ability to raise the alarm and potentially be located through GPS at a later data if the device has been stolen.

Statistics issued by the Department of Transport in 2009 showed that there are 500,000 HGV’s on the road in addition to three million light goods vehicles.  In the Transport and Logistics industry, interest in personal tracking as opposed to vehicle tracking systems has seen a notable increase over the past few years as managers have striven to grasp the implications of the Corporate Manslaughter Act. Rugged Windows mobile smartphones are now becoming a popular choice for companies wishing to protect their drivers who fall ill, have a fall or become a victim of ‘stowaway violence’, which is becoming particularly prevalent around border crossings.

Similar risks face the Maintenance and Utilities industries. In these sectors the Health & Safety Executive stated that in 2008/9 10,368 major non-fatal slip accidents and 23,797 slip accidents resulting in over 3 days off work and an estimated cost to companies of some £700 million.

The software in both Identicom versions utilise the same function terminology as the award-wining Identicom LWD, such as ‘Amber Alert’ and ‘Red Alert’, allowing the user to automatically open a ‘Red Alert’ through a definable single Blackberry key or in the case of Windows mobile applications through the touch of the screen. In both cases the technology provides for ease of use in the face of verbal abuse or attack.

Identicom mobile is available as a stand-alone product or can be integrated with Connexion2’s new Online Tracking Application. This allows a lone worker to benefit from improved safety and their manager to better facilitate operations through the provision of detailed location tracking data.  The online tracking application allows for the creation of definable Geo-fences to raise alerts and reports for managers, the plotting of a users ‘breadcrumb’ trail of movement and direction, and the facility to view a user’s location at ‘street view’ level.

Craig Swallow, CEO of Connexion2 commented:  “Providing employees with lone worker support services is essential if employers are to meet their responsibilities under health and safety legislation. We‘re delighted to be launching an application for rugged Windows Mobile smartphones.”

Connexion2 demonstrated Identicom mobile for Windows Mobile at the IT in Housing Exhibition 2010 on 23rd & 24th November 2010 at Olympia Conference Centre London on Stand 19 alongside Psion Teklogix and Barcode Warehouse.

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