At the IMHX, RTITB announced the accreditation of the Calor LPG safe refuelling course. RTITB are the largest accrediting body for materials handling in the UK and Ireland and have over 40 years experience of setting training standards, accreditation and monitoring. RTITB’s accreditation schemes have been successfully applied to all types of industrial training from counterbalance trucks to block paving machines to locomotive training and now the same scheme has been used for the Calor course.

By becoming accredited Calor demonstrate that their training course is compliant with relevant legislation and codes of practice and RTITB will be referring potential customers to Calor. As part of their training delivery under RTITB accreditation Calor will utilise the highly successful National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS); the central RTITB database which validates, registers and certificates all RTITB accredited training.

Calor and RTITB have worked together closely to ensure the Calor training course meets the standard accreditation criteria for training course content, training records, premises and facilities, instructor qualifications and assessment and certification procedures.

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