DLF Trifolium Ltd, the largest grass seed company in the UK, supplies specialist grasses and seeds to agricultural, landscaping, sporting and recreational sectors. It is using three LPG powered Aisle-Masters to ensure optimum handling and storage procedures at its extensive UK HQ in Worcestershire

Aisle-Master’s reputation for reliability and the robust performance of its LPG models were deciding factors when it came to replacing DLF’s previous fleet of articulated trucks, as Operations Manager Darren Cuthbert explains: “In high season we handle 500 consignments and load 10 HGV’s a day, so speedy operation and absolute dependability of equipment is crucial. Our first Aisle-Masters saw us through two of our busiest seasons to date with no problems at all, working 14 hour shifts on a regular basis, so we were more than happy to place an order for a third.”

The trucks work inside in narrow aisles and mobile racking as well as outside, servicing 5,000 pallet spaces. Their build quality enables them to cope with conditions that would be challenging for less well engineered trucks – dust generated from the seed production facility, uneven surfaces and ramps. The drivers appreciate the excellent visibility from the cab which gives them a greater sense of security, as does the rigidity of the mast when lifting to the top racking height of over 7.m. Aisle-Master fitted a modified 7.3m lower than standard mast to enable the trucks to access the warehouse through low internal doorways. “These trucks have indeed done everything, and possibly even more than the manufacturers promised,” says Darren.

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