The uses and merits of LPG to power forklift trucks is well known by many operators, manufacturers and distributors of these industrial vehicles – it is a cleaner burning, efficient and safe fuel source. Results-driven businesses demand cost effective, reliable solutions such as LPG, and if your annual consumption of LPG is higher than 10,000 kg, you could maximise the benefits of LPG with the Shell Gas (LPG) bulk solution.

Where there is available storage space, Shell Gas (LPG) offers a bulk service for larger-scale users that comprises installation, supply, service and support, tailored to address your business needs.

It is based on our analysis of your fuel consumption, taking into account your current and projected usage. A relationship with Shell Gas (LPG) could be one of the wisest move you’ll make – it could improve your business performance by streamlining your fuelling operations. A wide variety of optional equipment is available to help you to get the most from the service.

Advantages you can enjoy with the Shell Gas (LPG) bulk solution include:

Value for money

Drivers often change cylinders at the end of their shift, and some studies have shown that depending on the temperature, the product and the equipment, between 5 to 15 % of the LPG remains in the “empty“ cylinder. With the bulk solution there is no waste material, and the time needed to change empty for new cylinders is eliminated. Storage and control of cylinders involves space and time resources that are significantly reduced with the bulk solution.


Your welfare is of the utmost importance to us. Safety is improved with the easier refuelling system of the bulk solution – and it means that the process of changing old for new cylinders is eliminated. High quality equipment is designed, manufactured and installed by Shell Gas (LPG) to recognised international standards.

The energy supply

The bulk solution offers a more reliable and efficient supply, reducing delivery intervals and the time needed to manage a delivery. Operational costs are reduced through fewer refuelling stops, and operators will know exactly when refuelling should be carried out. The level gauge in the tank of the forklift informs a driver when a refuel will be necessary, allowing work to be planned better: this means that the driver should never run out of LPG while working.

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