Stanley Handling is displaying a wide selection of ROBUR powered pedestrian equipment as well as a comprehensive range of PowerMate, SC and Sprinter powered stairclimbers. A new wheelchair powered version, the Stanley Liftkar PT will also be launched at the show.

The ROBUR range of powered pallet trucks, stackers and counterbalanced stackers illustrates how handling costs can be reduced whilst maintaining high levels of safety and productivity. Highlights include the SBC Compact counterbalanced stacker with a chassis length of only 940mm, truck width of 850mm and operating aisle from 2150mm.

A wide range of ROBUR specialist and bespoke equipment has been developed to target niche applications. These include powered pallet trucks to 8000kg, paper reel and roll handlers, four-way trucks to 4000kg – a 2010 FLTA Awards finalist – pedestrian/ride-on units, explosion-proof stackers and pallet trucks to 4000kg and a full range of stainless steel pallet trucks and stackers for hazardous/ high hygiene environments.

The powered stairclimber is a unique handling aid, the four-trucks-in-one safety handler lifting heavy and awkward loads up and down stairs and even from ground level to a deck height of 60cm. Regular demonstrations of all models will take place including the launch of the Stanley Liftkar PT wheelchair model.

Stanley Handling Limited

Sarah Stanley

Tel: 01582 767711


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