Have you improved the standards of fork lift truck safety at your site in the last 12 months? Or perhaps you have a customer who has. If so, one of you could be in line for one of British industry’s most prestigious awards.

The Awards for Excellence provide all sorts of innovative products and services for fork lift trucks. But there is one special Archie, a solid bronze statue of Archimedes, that is given in recognition of the people using them – the Safe Site Award.

There is still time to enter – but why should companies nominate themselves for this Award?

One big reason is that it guarantees outstanding publicity. The Awards is a high-profile event which sees the fork lift truck industry come together to celebrate success in a number of important categories. And none of these is more significant than that of Safe Site.

All finalists are reported across the materials handling press and well beyond… making it the perfect opportunity to tell the world about your safety credentials.

Winning this Award marks your company as a conscientious, responsible organisation… one that works to the high standards increasingly demanded by prospective customers and high calibre employees… as well as investors and potential business partners.

So what do you need to do to be a Safe Site winner?

Well, the judges of this category have their eyes on a few things. First and foremost, your site needs to have adopted effective new procedures and/or initiatives within the last 12 months.

In terms of new procedures themselves, best practice guidelines – such as those found in the FLTA’s range of Safety Handbooks – should be followed. Previous winners have put a number of sensible practices into operation, such as:

• Installation of one way systems

• Speed limits installed and enforced

• Total segregation of pedestrians and fork lift trucks

• Creation of in-house training DVDs

• ‘Three-strike’ systems for breaching regulations

But really the most important thing to do is change the company’s culture to one that genuinely embraces safety as part of its routine operations.

Size doesn’t matter

Smaller companies with just a few fork lift trucks should not be put off from entering. The judges will take account of what you do, the improvements you have made, and the benefits you perceive. They just want evidence to show that you have spotted a potential problem and done something about it. Safe sites are about safe people, and if just one person is made safer by your action that is fine, and may well be worthy of recognition.

To enter the Safe Site Award, visit www.fork-truck.org.uk/awards-enter and fill out Nomination Form 3 now.

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