Rusmail Conveyor Systems has just completed the design and installation of an inclined powered belt conveyor for a major supplier of bathroom equipment, capable of handling five times the load rating of its previous installation.

The original conveyor was rated at 150kg UDL and was upgraded to a 750kg UDL model to cope with the client’s significantly increased loads and throughput rate.

An additional challenge was to fit the new heavy duty version into the existing space, spanning two floor levels with an overall elevated height of six metres from the ground floor; and through the same floor opening as the first conveyor to avoid the need for additional construction and minimise the downtime while switching over to the new system.

As part of the installation, Rusmail conducted a formal training programme for the onsite conveyor operators covering the operation and maintenance of the conveyor and the additional feature of the photo sensor control system.

Commenting on the success of the installation Ray Hart, MD at Rusmail said: “This project was an opportunity to return to a key client and devise a solution for their evolving needs.  We were able to demonstrate our ability to upgrade an existing conveyor system and employ our specialist expertise in the field of inclined inter-floor powered belt conveyors.”

Rusmail Conveyor Systems Ltd

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