Palletblocker Quarantine Systems Ltd. are proud to present their exciting new Palletblocker product range, the worlds FIRST lockable pallet quarantine device.

Palletblocker allows you to securely lock-up pallets providing a tough, highly visible barrier to fork-lift entry that will help protect your supply chain.

With Palletblocker, goods can be secured in their current locations removing the need for dedicated quarantine areas, maximising warehouse space utilisation and saving extraneous pallet movements.

Palletblocker is a convincing supplement to existing quarantine systems. Electronic systems are difficult to validate, our highly visible devices will deliver confidence to auditors and reassurance to customers.

Modern logistics operations often have a seasonal variation in manning levels, Palletblocker provides an invaluable back-up to existing systems of which new staff may only have a minimal understanding.

Since Palletblocker is padlock compatible it allows pallets to be immediately quarantined without the need for expert knowledge of electronic systems.

The novel hinged design allows the devices to be stored on a neat storage bracket that will compliment your 5S best practice and allow the strategic locating of Palletblockers throughout your warehouse.

Devices are available for both standard UK

4-way-entry block pallets and for Euro pallets.

All Palletblocker products are 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK.

Palletblocker provides quarantine assurance, protecting consumers and reducing risk and disruption for customers.

The Palletblocker Team will be at stand 20-G8 at IMHX 2010, or please visit the Website at or call our Sales Line on:0845 045 7850.

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