The latest generation of damage deterrent devices could finally put an end to manufacturers’ uncertainty over the treatment of their goods during shipping, storage and handling, according to leading UK specialist Lamerholm Electronics.

The company is expected to generate huge interest at IMHX 2010, where it will showcase its comprehensive damage deterrent range – from simple but effective ShockWatch indicator labels to the advanced wireless monitoring technology of the ShockLog system.

By taking steps to safeguard products in transit, manufacturers can save on the time, expense, additional transport, wastage and poor perceptions resulting from the delivery of damaged goods, says Derek Richardson, Group Sales Director at Lamerholm Electronics parent company IMC Group.

“How many manufacturers truly know what happens to their goods in the period between them leaving the factory floor and being delivered to a customer’s door? It’s a frightening thought when you consider what a risk you could be taking in terms of customer satisfaction. And that’s not to mention financial, environmental and logistical problems of returning to collect and re-deliver the goods,” says Mr Richardson.

“The fact is that it’s no longer necessary to take a chance. We now offer a series of specially-designed solutions and it doesn’t have to be expensive.”

Among the innovations to be demonstrated by Lamerholm Electronics at IMHX 2010 are a range of ShockWatch labels, which provide a highly cost-effective indication of mishandling and therefore act as a damage deterrent. The ShockWatch range is widely deployed by thousands of the world’s largest companies to protect shipments but many UK companies remain unaware of it. To combat this, Lamerholm is offering an exclusive 10% discount on ShockWatch labels to IMHX delegates.

For more sophisticated applications, the breakthrough ShockLog system will also be showcased at the event, offering users a continual log of the conditions in which sensitive or high-value goods are stored and transported.

“We’re urging manufacturing and packaging professionals to demonstrate their commitment to customer care by taking advantage of what we can offer,” says Mr Richardson.

Find out more by visiting Lamerholm Electronics at IMHX 2010 – Stand 20B60, Birmingham NEC, 16th to 19th November.

ShockWatch indicator labels

The ShockWatch range comprises a series of effective, attention-grabbing and highly cost-effective labels which indicate whether an item may have been mishandled. ShockWatch and TiltWatch, for example, are designed to immediately and permanently register impact and tilting. Affixed directly to goods or packaging, they act as a strong visual deterrent to unacceptable handling.

ShockWatch: The shock sensors within the label detect and record impact and mishandling of fragile, sensitive, or calibrated products during transportation. When the device is subjected to an impact exceeding a specified G-level, the shock causes a highly visible red dye to be released into a tube on the front. Normal movement or road shock does not affect the device – only the specific impacts for which it is designed. Available in five sensitivities, the labels cannot be reset once activated.

TiltWatch: For items that must remain upright, Tiltwatch is designed to detect and record unacceptable tilting. The clear window of the plastic badge turns red if the product it is affixed to is tilted or upended.

The range also includes DropSpot, which is activated when goods have been dropped; and ColdMark and WarmMark, which indicated when goods have been exposed to predetermined temperatures for a given period.

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This unique system is designed for use in the monitoring of critical goods and equipment that need special care and handling during transportation, storage and use. Shock, vibrations, and unacceptable environmental conditions can cause costly damage. Identifying responsibility for these unacceptable conditions is the first step in deterring damage.

The Lamerholm ShockLog range of impact and environmental recorders provides ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of shock and vibration to large stationary or moving equipment, structures and products. Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometer technology is used to record impact direction, amplitude and duration. Optional sensors can be added to record changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, as well as tilt-and-roll parameters.

To complete this comprehensive solution, ShockLog devices are offered with a comprehensive Windows-based software programme that allows users to set their own warning and alarm thresholds, set the frequency of data collection and specify the parameters to be recorded. When a pre-programmed level is exceeded, data will be stored for future downloading and analysis, generating reports and graphical charts.

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Lamerholm Electronics Ltd, part of the IMC Group, is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of damage deterrent equipment, from forklift truck (FLT) fleet management to monitoring the condition of goods throughout the shipping and handling process. Environmental parameters include temperature and humidity to 360 degrees, tilt and roll and many more.

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