In response to customer requests and following worldwide research, several Kärcher professional machines have changed from their traditional yellow to a new colour – anthracite. This dark grey colour offers several advantages over yellow for certain market sectors, where end-users want a more discreet, less conspicuous colour for use in public-facing environments. The anthracite colour is easier to keep clean, and takes longer to show dirt than yellow. Anthracite machines will maintain a professional image throughout their lives, and will be more discreet, less obtrusive and less conspicuous in public than yellow. Of course the same levels of performance and product quality remain, but the new colour scheme also offers more functionality. Operating controls on anthracite machines will now be yellow, and service parts like filter covers and brush mountings will now be in light grey, making these parts easier to locate. Several professional machines are changing to anthracite, Professional high pressure cleaners and all Home & Garden and Industrial machines are unaffected.

As well as showcasing the new look and functionality of the anthracite machines, the company unveiled five new machines – the MC 50 Sweeper; the most innovative and modern multipurpose cleaner on the market, not only a sweeper but also doubles as a grass cutter and snow mover; the AP 100/50 M touchless cleaning machine, which combines two Kärcher strengths – pressure cleaning and vacuum cleaning – in one machine for hygiene-critical daily cleaning; and the groundbreaking portable hot water pressure washer, HDS 5/11 U – the smallest professional hot water pressure cleaner the company has ever offered; and two new scrubber driers; the innovative BD 40/12 C scrubber drier, which combines battery power with highly compact dimensions; the award-winning BD 50/40 RS scrubber drier, which uses Kärcher’s highly successful and efficient step-on design in a package the size of a small walk-behind machine.

During October 1st – December 31st 2010 Kärcher are offering a free KM 70/20 C Sweeper worth £399.00 ex VAT with every Kärcher Scrubber Drier*

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