Plunkett Tiling floored by Mitsubishi forklift fleet’s reliability.

You may not have heard of Plunkett Tiling, but you’re bound to have seen some of the Newcastle-based contractor’s work… or even stepped on it. From the Houses of Parliament and the iconic BBC studios at White City to the limestone floors of Gateshead’s Metro Centre, for more than 30 years the firm has been the tiling contractor of choice for the UK’s most prestigious projects.

With clients spread the length and breadth of Britain and over three million tiles processed every year at the Plunkett Tiling factory, materials handling plays a vital role in the company’s operations. That’s why the tiling contractor has relied on Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks dealer A1 Industrial Trucks for over two decades.

When the company decided to expand its fleet earlier this year, managing director Paddy Plunkett turned to A1’s sales team for expert advice.  “By working with A1, I knew that we would receive complete back-up – including the type of product advice which enhances our use of the truck.”

Sales director Graeme Tennick assisted Paddy throughout the process. He explains: “The customer was looking for an additional truck to assist with the loading and unloading of tiles in the factory.

“Handling heavy loads over long shifts requires an efficient and reliable workhorse, so I recommended the FG18N, a 1.8 tonne LP gas counterbalance.

“Easy handling is essential when transporting such delicate cargo. To minimise effort, the FG18N has an automotive style-pedal layout with self-energising and self-adjusting drum brakes.

“Optional fingertip controls were specified to further maximise productivity. These are mounted on an ergonomically positioned armrest and ensure that drivers can manoeuvre with precision and ease.”

The truck, which was purchased outright, benefits from a long service interval of 500 hours. Graeme explains: “This reduces the cost of ownership by keeping downtime to a minimum.”

A state-of-the-art LPG engine, featuring an engine management system and regulated catalytic converter, works to further minimise running costs by delivering high performance and low fuel consumption.

Paddy Plunkett is delighted with the new addition to his Mitsubishi forklift fleet and the after-sales service from A1 Industrial Trucks. He explains: “Since we began working together, A1 – much like ourselves – has demonstrated a total commitment to its product. The service quality offered by A1 is first class.”

Speaking on behalf of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks UK, regional manager Martyn Davies said: “Like all of the dealers in our network, A1 Industrial Trucks was hand-picked for the commitment its team consistently demonstrates to delivering customers the best of both worlds: reliable trucks and excellent service.”

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