LPG is a cleaner fuel than diesel and avoids the costly downtime of electric trucks, making it a flexible, reliable and increasingly popular choice for the materials handling industry. Flogas UK Limited is a leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). With a network that boasts more filling plants than the rest of the LPG industry’s major players added together – they have a truly national network. They offer a complete refuelling solution to the logistics industry. Flogas already supply many top blue chip companies who trust them as their business partner for energy.

In common with industry in general, the biggest problem facing the logistics sector today is the current economic situation coupled with the ever increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and comply with new environmental legislation. There is already a significant pressure on businesses to reduce their carbon emissions; a pressure which will only increase further.

Flogas are uniquely placed to help customers run a greener operation whilst keeping tight control on their fuel spend. Not only is LPG the cleanest off mains fossil fuel, but Flogas are also the only off mains energy company to have been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for reduced carbon emissions and commitment to continual improvement in this area. They are currently addressing the issues of carbon reduction with a series of fuel efficiency measures and an Environmental Management system that has seen them not only awarded the Carbon Trust Standard but also the Royal Warrant in the past year.

With a commitment as a company to reducing carbon year on year and with a product in LPG that is a cleaner, more economical fuel, Flogas believe that they have the complete package to help companies of all sizes not only reduce their carbon emissions, but to save money too.

Lee Gannon, Sales and Marketing Director at Flogas, said: “LPG offers a more economical approach to powering fork lift trucks than other available energy sources. As a cleaner fuel provider, we can help you save not only cost but carbon.”

More information regarding Flogas and their forklift truck strategy can be found at www.flogas.co.uk

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