Schoeller Arca Systems, the global market leader in returnable transit packaging, will be launching the next generation foldable large container at IMHX 2010.

Strengthened by their capabilities, experience and know-how, they are taking a major leap forward to bring important value to all users with the supply chain. This is why they developed the new Magnum Optimum® range, a pallet box system for transporting heavy loads, whose characteristics contribute to a significant reduction in operational costs and improvements in distribution handling.

Not only does the Magnum Optimum® container include an extensive list of improvements but it is also compatible with the SAS Magnum Classic containers as well as the majority of FLC’s from other manufacturers.

The newly enhanced features of the Magnum Optimum® series include smooth- and rib- free sidewalls for hygiene and easy maintenance, improved folding ratio and reduced weight resulting in freight and fuel savings, increased internal volume, and new sliding doors enabling use in confined spaces.

In essence, the Magnum Optimum® is a new concept for unrivalled ease of handling, which can impact positively on your supply chain operations as well as the environment.

With the UK head office and warehouse in Abingdon and the worldwide head office in Zwolle, Netherlands, Schoeller Arca Systems employs over 1000 people worldwide and has a turnover of €500million. Schoeller Arca Systems standard range of products extends from Prelog foldable small containers and Big Boxes to Magnum foldable large containers, Intermediate Bulk Containers and BIPP plastic pallets.

For further information contact Nick James – Schoeller Arca Systems on or 01235 863800. Reference WLN-FLC-OPT.

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