C40-55 celebrates 2010 premiere: Clark launches diesel/LPG forklifts of the premium series Gen2 on the market.

The next addition to the premier Gen 2 range from Clark is here. After winning the MMH award in the price-performance ratio section, Clark is again launching a forklift at a competitive price and optimised for power, efficiency and sturdiness with the C40-55 Series. The new diesel and LPG powered forklifts of the Gen2 series (Load capacity 4-5.5 tons) is designed for use in warehousing,  distribution, transport, production, recycling etc. and celebrates a world premiere in 2010.

C40-55 – More than “Built to last”

The Clark motto “Built to last” means the C40-55 is more than just strength and durability with minimum maintenance. The C40-55 has been developed under the premises of reliability, comfort, power and energy efficiency, enabling users to configure the specification of the equipment to suit their application. Egon Strehl, Managing Director, Clark Europe GmbH: “The new C40-55 can be summed up as follows: It is fully oriented to practical applications, in other words the requirements of the application at locations where critical factors such as low operating or maintenance costs and safety at work have to be fully taken into account. In winning the MMH award, we also undertake to offer an extraordinary price-performance ratio – and we successfully achieved this again with the C40-55.”

Reduced maintenance – Reduced costs

That is typically Clark: Thin steel or plastic parts cannot be found in critical areas on the C40-55. The robust chassis made from thick steel plate ensures the best protection of important components and stands for radically reduced maintenance costs. The wet disc brakes do not need any maintenance, while the sophisticated cooling system that protects the engine against overheating offers investment certainty. The air intake is optimised. The air is sucked in where it is cleanest: at the top, in the left column of the driver’s overhead guard. The high air intake in conjunction with the high-power air filter enables longer filter intervals and increases the service life of the engine. If maintenance work is actually needed, the engine compartment is easy to access with just a few actions.

Sophisticated, practical, comfortable

It is an established fact that efficiency and effectiveness are directly linked to the handling and comfort of a forklift. Clark has therefore designed a sophisticated, practical drivers compartment for the C40-55 without disturbing vital elements. The forklift driver can concentrate on the task at hand without suffering any discomfort and strain. The C40-55 combines spaciousness with problem-free access to the operators controls. All hydraulic levers are mounted ergonomically in convenient range of the driver. The steering column with tilt adjustment also ensures easy handling through ergonomic design. As with all functions of the premium series, it enables individual adjustment of the steering column to suit the operator.

A quiet machine

The re-positioning of the engine/gearbox and drive axle has reduced the noise level and vibrations of the new C40-55 to a minimum. Further parallels to automobile design can be found in the arrangement of the pedals and hand brake as well as the digital display (TFT). This provides information on the most important operating status of the forklift, such as oil pressure, water temperature, speed, time, truck direction etc. Excellent legroom, a large rubber covered floor area and various stowage compartments round off the driver’s compartment. Operators cabins complete with heater or air conditioning are also available as a factory fitted option.

Powerful diesel and LPG/gasoline Engines.

The C40-55 can be ordered with diesel or LPG/gasoline engines, depending on the applications. The heart of the diesel model is a Kubota V3800T engine (92 HP / 2400 RPM), giving high performance at the top end of the power class. The travel and lifting speed are just as impressive. The GM V6 LPG (4.3 litres displacement) also ensures an extraordinary level of power. Both engine variants are based on a tried-and-tested, manual two speed industrial transmission.

Equipment features on call

Customer and order-specific equipment begins with the uprights on the C40-55. Standard, Hi-Lo and Triplex uprights up to 7 meters high are available. SE tyres are also an option. The C40-55 also comes with all the prominent features of a Clark forklift. Clark offers upright cushioning as standard for lifting and lowering. This feature reduces shocks and noise, protects the goods and minimises wear. The solid finite element design (FED)  construction prevents any chassis distortions, even under extreme loads. The compact design and optimum weight distribution gives the C40-55 optimum driving stability and safety when cornering. The sturdy design of the steering axle can withstand intense shocks and loads without requiring adjustment. The low front cowl gives excellent visibility of the fork tips and load. The new location of the hydraulic hoses within the upright gives excellent vision through  all upright variants. The low, high visible foot steps with sturdy perforated plates are designed to be non-slip and further ensures a safe environment for the operator.

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