tinytagfoodmontageTinytags are robust, compact, and battery powered data loggers that measure and record a number of parameters in a variety of locations within the logistic industry. Temperature data loggers offer enormous benefits for relatively little investment.

Tinytags come as conventional standalone temperature and humidity data loggers for cost efficient monitoring of a small site or, if a larger site with 20 or more points needs to be monitored, then intelligent wireless data loggers will save time and money.

Wireless advantages surround ease of use; a do-it-yourself set up, self-configuring mesh network where all radio loggers communicate with each other and the elimination of manual download as fast access to information is made via the internal network or Internet.  Remote alarm signalling, via e-mail or SMS, can warn the user of problems even if no one is on the site and means that fast, corrective action can be taken. Reliable and built to withstand any accidental rough handling, Tinytag data logging solutions are proving to add value to a warehousing and logistic business.

Tinytag data loggers help transportation, shipment and warehousing to:

  • Verify correct storage of frozen, chilled and ambient goods.
  • Monitor perishable produce such as fruit and vegetables, fish, poultry, meat and dairy products, in supermarkets, shops, wholesale and on airlines.
  • Monitor temperature, shock or vibration that affects delicate products, such as works of art, frozen and chilled foodstuffs, livestock, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc.
  • Identify when product mishandling took place if products arrive damaged.

All loggers are compatible with the Tinytag Explorer software; you can download, monitor and create reports when you need to. Our self-configuring, Wireless Data Logging System is ideal for monitoring remote locations such as storage of temperature sensitive products in large warehouses or in refrigerated delivery vans.

As well as being used in static installations, such as warehouses and cold rooms, the functionality of Tinytag wireless makes it ideal for more dynamic applications. A typical example would be refrigerated delivery vans fitted with wireless temperature loggers. The loggers store all the temperature data to the internal memory while the van is in use and then, on its return to the depot, the loggers automatically send all their data to the computer for analysis.

For further information on Tinytag data loggers visit www.geminidataloggers.com, email: sales@tinytag.info or call on +44 (0) 1243 813000.

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