At the upcoming IMHX 2010, RDS Technology will be exhibiting their range of on-board weighing systems for Forklift trucks – the Liftalert, Liftlog 100 and the Liftlog 100+.

These systems offer load monitoring and weighing functions with an internal alarm to warn when load threshold is approached and at the overload point. The Liftlog 100+ also offers a totalising feature, making it ideal for applications where multiple pallets are to be check-weighed or loading storage systems where weight limits are to be adhered to. Negating the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale often sited in a remote part of the warehouse, the Liftlog range provides a time-efficient means of check weighing.

A hydraulic load sensor is used to measure the increase in system pressure and the Liftlog 100+ displays the weight to the operator. Also included is an overload alarm that will sound when the overload threshold is approached and at the overload point to further inform the operator of load status. This helps the driver to avoid potential tip-over, increasing the safety of the forklift and surrounding warehouse.

An optional external audible alarm and also a visual load indication light bar are available to further enhance overload warnings to the operator and to signal current load status giving further and immediate visual indication to the operator and supervisor.

A number of more advanced on-board weighing solutions for forklifts is available through the RDS Loadmaster i range. This offers further management options of weighing data through an integral SD card port for the fast and efficient transfer of load data between forklift and office PC. The Loadmaster also offers a bar code scanner module that makes it ideal for keeping data entry simple. It allows the operator to input up to four different reference codes per load by ‘pointing and shooting’ instead of searching through menus. This enables the fast and efficient recognition of operational categories and direct entry into the system of an unlimited number of category references, for example customer, product, route or vehicle.

For more information on how on-board weighing and data handling be used to help improve your operations, visit RDS on stand 19 J 95 or visit:

RDS Technology Ltd

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