safety-conference-sept102Peter Lennon, Head of Workplace Transport, Work-related Violence and MSD Policy Teams at the Health and Safety Executive, will put training at the top of the agenda for Safety Conference Delegates.

Each year, over 6,000 workplace transport (WPT) related injuries are reported. On average there are 60 fatalities. WPT injuries account for 4.5% of all injuries reported to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), 6.5% of major injuries and 26% of all fatalities. Lift trucks are involved in 27%.

Training and competence are important in helping to reduce incidents. Equally important are management and supervision. Poor supervision is a key contributory cause of WPT accidents. This vital session will assess how proper management control can help improve safety. It will also include an update on HSE’s plans for revising the current guidance on lift truck training and future work.


Pete has worked in the HSE since 1991. For most of that time, he has worked as an operational inspector in London and the North West, covering the manufacturing, construction and agricultural sectors.  He has also worked as a policy advisor on European matters, including a work on LOLER, the Lifts Directive and the Machinery Directive. Pete was previously manager of HSE’s Noise & Vibration Programme. He took over as Team Leader for the Workplace Transport Policy topic in April 2010 and has recently taken on the Work-related Violence & MSD portfolio.

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