john-spanswick05-smileThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will deliver two important addresses at this year’s Safety Conference. Senior figures will give a rare insight into the authority’s future agenda – including new training policies.

HSE Board Member and Chairman of Bovis Lend Lease Group John Spanswick CBE will open the annual conference by delivering the day’s keynote address. Drawing on his years of experience working at the most senior levels of the construction industry, Mr Spanswick will call Delegates’ attention to the important, strategic role played by management in improving safety throughout organisations.


In the afternoon, his colleague Peter Lennon will focus in on operator training. In recent months, the HSE has been reviewing L117 – the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (ACOP) for fork lift truck operator training. In addition to its detailed advice, the HSE has been studying the whole system of Accrediting Bodies and the guidance it gives to employers. A review of HSG6 – Safety in Working with Lift Trucks – is also linked in with this project. The main aims of this review are to simplify all content and ensure it is current.

Having recently taken over responsibility for Workplace Transport within HSE, this evaluation of current fork lift truck publications is high on Peter’s agenda. His presentation will share the HSE’s view of these important publications and, perhaps more significantly, with the policies they contain.

It seems very likely that there will be a new approach to fork lift truck training and Peter Lennon may well be able to indicate the timescales driving any new HSE policy that may emerge.

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