ffe0410The Fireray 5000 Auto Alignment Beam Detector range from Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) has received FM approval, certifying that it meets rigorous loss prevention standards. The Fireray 5000 is the first and only motorised, auto-aligning, self correcting beam smoke detector to receive FM (Factory Mutual) approval. The detectors already have LPCB and UL certification amongst many others – for a full list and details of all approvals please visit www.ffeuk.com .

FM Approval is granted by FM Global, which offers insurance and property loss prevention engineering for properties worldwide. FFE’s Fireray 5000 was subjected to comprehensive testing and the company’s facilities were inspected as part of the approval process. Follow-up audits of manufacturing facilities are required in order to maintain FM Approved status.

The Fireray 5000 is a technologically advanced beam-type smoke detector which covers much larger areas with far fewer units than traditional ‘point’ type sensors. It houses the transmitter and receiver components in the same unit, with the beam being reflected by a small, unobtrusive prism fixed onto an opposing wall. This keeps the time, effort and expense of installation low.


The beam can be fully adjusted, controlled and annually tested from the low-level system controller. Its AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation) monitors and reacts to environmental changes such as dust accumulation, while an Auto-Optimise feature automatically self-corrects to ensure alignment of the infra-red beam with the reflective prism. The need for risky and time consuming re-alignment and maintenance from atop ladders or lifts is eliminated. The Fireray 5000 Multi Head System allows up to four beam detectors to be installed on one controller to further streamline set up.

With over 600,000 installations worldwide, FFE is the largest independent producer of infrared optical beam fire protection technology. The company’s beam detectors are ideally suited for wide-area coverage such as warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centres, indoor carparks, and power stations.

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