safety-conference-sept101Keynote address – John Spanswick, CBE HSE Director – Group Chairman of Bovis Lend Lease – Mr Spanswick sets the tone by emphasising how strategic decisions may impact on day to day safety.

The Cost of Ignoring Safety

Neil Hodgson, Oval Insurance Broking Ltd

Craig McLaughlin, Risk Management Specialist – Allianz Insurance

How much does a fork lift truck accident actually cost? How many claims are there and what proportions aren’t covered? Crucially, what advice can help users of fork lift trucks to minimise the risks and keep premiums down.

The Legal Implications

Craig McAdam, Head of Manchester Business Crime and Regulatory Department – Russell, Jones & Walker Solicitors

Insights, from the National Law Firm of the Year 2009, on why personal injury, HSE investigations and corporate manslaughter should be of interest to every company, every employee and, importantly, every director. How can you best protect your company?

Cultural Considerations

Greg Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications – ID Systems Inc.

Different countries and cultures have different attitudes to safety – fact! That’s an obvious consideration for multinationals, but what about smaller companies with employees from diverse backgrounds? Discover cultural safety aspects revealed by I.D. Systems’ worldwide operations.

Strategic Planning

Les Knight, Head of Key Accounts – Briggs Equipment UK Ltd

Ken Stoll, Health and Safety Manager – Briggs Equipment UK Ltd

The strategic planning stage, when buildings and operations are being conceived, is too often overlooked as a key time to “design in” safety. Getting the type of equipment, building layouts and traffic flows right in these early stages will certainly increase productivity, but it can also reduce accidents.

Training and Supervision

Peter Lennon, Head of HSE Workplace Team

The HSE has identified poor supervision as one of the key contributory causes of workplace transport incidents. This vital session will assess how proper management control can help improve safety. It will also include an update on the HSE’s investigation into the training of fork lift truck operators and indicate any changes that are being considered for the future.

Safe Use of Gas

Phil Anderson, Training Coordinator – Calor Gas

A practical guide to the safe use of LPG fuels in materials handling contexts.

High Risk Areas

Ruth Waring, Managing Director – Labyrinth Logistics Consulting Ltd

What can be done to minimise risk in key danger areas for fork lift truck operations, like loading bays? Setting up your own “accident” can help all concerned understand the issues involved in such a serious event.

Operator Assessment Case Study

Dr Will Murray, Interactive Driving Systems Ltd

An innovative case study into how D S Smith Packaging have successfully used virtual operator assessment technology to assess their operators and provide targeted training where it is most needed.

Safety Solutions Case Study

David Ellison, Fork Lift Truck Association

Martin Connop, Abex Ltd

An overview of the Safety finalists at this year’s FLTA Awards for Excellence, before the winner, Abex Ltd, explains how a new Mobile Access Platform (MAP3) has helped National Express carry out difficult and potentially dangerous work at height on its double-decker buses.

A measured load

Gary Saigh, Flexco Industries

Gary Saigh will describe a new system for measuring the load being lifted by a fork lift truck – dependent not only on the weight, but its position on the forks and the height.

Manage to be Safe

David Ellison, Fork Lift Truck Association

David Ellison will summarise the day and remind delegates that the conference has taken place in the middle of the FLTA sponsored National Fork Lift truck Safety Week – “Manage to be Safe”. There will be an opportunity for any final questions.

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