nf_truck_das_hiNational express delivery network Nightfreight (GB) Ltd has chosen NX Framework, from DA Systems, to provide the logistics technology for its specialist 2-man home delivery (Deliver2home) service.

NX Framework has been rolled out to all 80 dedicated vehicle crews and is being used throughout Nightfreight’s 27 Deliver2home depots to ensure that accurate and timely delivery confirmation, including real-time, electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) is fed back to customers. The solution also fully automates collection and delivery processes by the scanning of consignment barcode information, using handheld mobile-data devices, carried by each driver.

The new web-based solution replaces a paper-based, manual system and as part of Nightfreight’s in-built culture of personal customer care, the new system means an improved customer service response as a result of precise, up-to-date information being made available. Through a web-portal, Nightfreight can now view every stage of the collection and delivery process, all in relation to the daily bookings, updated via each driver’s rugged Intermec CN50, in-cab device.

NX Framework, from DA Systems, was chosen following a competitive trial in which DA Systems was found to be more responsive, the software better designed and importantly, more user friendly.

David Upton, Managing Director, DA Systems, said: “NX Framework has been designed to deliver to the core expertise of a customer’s business. The fully managed service offers a bespoke, mobile-data solution specifically designed to cater for the evolving requirements of today’s multi-contract, multi-customer, vertical markets and precisely matches Nightfreight’s needs. With over 10 years’ experience in providing transport software solutions, we are keen to assist Nightfreight in adding value to their services and provide a platform from which future additional services may be offered.”

Paul Tyson, Director, Neightfreight’s Deliver2home, said: “The solution helps us to maintain our position, ahead of the field, in 2-man delivery. Because we can monitor the status of every job, accurately, in real-time, this will enable us to offer 3-hour delivery windows. Measurable financial savings are expected, not only through instant POD capture, but also via the automatic collection and delivery barcode verification. NX Framework provides us with the real-time operational data that we need to achieve our customer promises and the management data that we need to devise and roll-out clearly differentiated services.”

The software solution makes full use of the device capabilities. Full photo capture from the Intermec CN50 is used as evidence of successful collection, unsuccessful delivery or package rejection. Additionally, separate devices are not required for phone calls or for GPS positioning, so device consolidation adds to the financial savings.

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