80-tonne-die-handlerHubtex has extended its electric platform range from 80 tonnes to a massive 250 tonnes. Designed to run on rails or on road surfaces, these trucks are used for the handling of tools, dies, coils, sheet metals and other similar products. In very heavy engineering environments, the rail trucks are now being offered with turntables, enabling very heavy loads to be turned 180 degrees or more in less than a few minutes.

The electric platform trucks in the three weight categories of 25, 40 and up to 63 t, with single axle steering, all-wheel and multidirectional steering, as well as the electric tow tractors are mainly used in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. Rail cars are used by the heavy industry for raw material, steel production and foundries, amongst other things. In the Energy Industry, new opportunities are also being pursued for the handling of even longer and heavier components like wind blades or towers.

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