yale-mo10e-no-b-gAs order picking efficiency becomes increasingly important in warehousing operations, the introduction of a new compact AC-powered MO10E order picker from Yale addresses the need of many companies to improve their pick rates and output.

Designed for second and third level picking, the MO10E has an increased supplementary lift height up to 4800mm. Versatile and easy to control, this rising cab order picker travels and lifts simultaneously taking  picking efficiency to new heights whilst returning excellent energy efficiency.

An integral part of Yale’s extensive warehouse equipment product range, the MO series of horizontal and vertical order pickers offers quiet, effortless operation and features focused on ensuring operators can achieve faster, more accurate order picking.

Lifting productivity to new heights
Using technology from Yale’s outstanding MTC range of Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) equipment, the standard Yale MO10E order picker offers a 1200mm lift whilst the open platform provides full access to the pick location and pallet at and above ground level. The increased 4800mm lift height on the supplementary lift version offers increased flexibility of working height to suit a wider range of picking tasks within the warehouse.

At the heart of all Yale equipment is the focus on operator ergonomics.  Yale understands that maximising operator comfort can maximise efficiency and application productivity.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the Yale MO10E order picker. A step height of just 170mm makes getting on and off the cushioned, operator-sensitive platform far less strenuous. The park brake is automatically released as soon as the operator is safely positioned within the area of the operators platform.

Ergonomic features to increase operator comfort and increase productivity incorporated into the design of the Yale MO10E order picker are:
•    Four pre-set performance options
•    Electronic fly by wire steering wheel control
•    Automatic release braking
•    Aisle safety device and detection kit
•    Lift interrupt with override button
•    Lift interrupt on overhead guard

Easy to handle
Steering wheel control on the MO10E requires minimum effort aiding rapid aisle transfers. The butterfly speed control and push-button lift and lower functions are all easily to hand on the control panel, while Yale’s proven AC technology provides outstanding traction and stability. The MOSFET high frequency speed controller with regenerative braking also ensures the highest levels of energy efficiency from the truck’s compact 24V battery.

A ‘pedestrian mode’ creep speed function, allows the operator to advance the truck and lift or lower the platform and the forks on the Supplementary Lift model, while standing on the ground adjacent to the truck. This significantly reduces the number of times a day the operator has to step on and off the platform reducing fatigue. In addition as the forks can also be raised or lowered away from the cab the operator does not have to continually bend up and down or stretch over when loading or unloading as the pallet can be raised to exactly the right height.

Increased reliability and reduced service intervals to lower maintenance costs are the result of a strong, welded chassis and robust mast construction. Both ensuring complete operator confidence, even when picking at the highest lift heights.

Meeting the customer’s needs
With an ever increasing variety of lines to be handled, higher pick rates, shorter lead times, higher customer service levels, and the need to reduce picking errors and stock-outs, there is greater demand than ever on order picking operations.

Paul Garrigan, Sales Manager for Yale Warehouse Equipment in the UK comments: “Yale understands the pressures that its customers face, and is constantly looking for new ways to further improve pick rate productivity and efficiency, with the operator playing a crucial role.
“A high level of customisation during assembly is demanded by Yale customers and the company prides itself in delivering equipment that meets customers’ needs, by providing features and equipment in the right place.”

Added operator comfort
The MO10E also includes a useful clipboard support, cab dome lights, an overhead fan package and front, side and overhead guards to provide maximum protection. Paul Garrigan continues: “Designed to benefit the operator and ensure the most efficient operation, the MO range of order pickers will help our customers achieve the highest possible pick rates and combine complete operator comfort with total business satisfaction.”

To find out how Yale can increase the productivity of your warehouse application, please log on to www.yale-forklifts.eu.

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