b300-400_0-40CESAB Materials Handling Europe has launched its new high performance, easy to manoeuvre, B300 and B400 electric counterbalance forklift range.

The European manufacturer has a 50 year heritage in the electric forklift sector and this in depth experience has been used to develop a compact, powerful 48 volt truck range that demonstrates quality in every area. From design and manufacture to excellent serviceability, ergonomics and visibility, the CESAB B300 and B400 reflect the strengths and experience of both CESAB design and engineering and the Toyota Production System used in manufacturing the new range.

A compact design offers exceptional manoeuvrability even in small spaces, with a new cabin and overhead guard design and a choice of new generation masts ensuring excellent visibility and comfort for drivers.

The CESAB B300 and B400 can manoeuvre easily in narrow aisles and on tight corners, while a wider frame ensures improved lateral stability on corners. The CESAB B300 three wheel forklift offers maximum manoeuvrability making it ideal in indoor or outdoor applications such as retail units, warehousing or storage yards where a very tight turning radius is necessary. The CESAB B400 forklift offers higher travel speeds and with a four wheel chassis that ensures excellent stability for high level loading operations or for operation on uneven surfaces.

Driver visibility is outstanding on the range, with a higher frame and driving position giving the operator better views all around the truck helping to improve productivity without compromising safety. The range is available with a choice of excellent visibility and smooth operating duplex masts or new generation triplex masts with double full free lift cylinders which, complemented by the lower dashboard, ensure superior forward visibility. The lower dashboard lets the operator have full sight of the fork tips, allowing for quicker, more accurate stacking operations and fewer damaged loads.

Greater driver comfort is created by the new cabin design with its improved driving position which places the ergonomic controls within intuitive reach of the driver. All truck functions are managed through a new multi-function display including key-less ignition that eliminates down time caused by lost or broken keys.

Both models offer a full range of options for tailoring the trucks to specific needs. These include mini lever controls, joystick, double foot pedal controls or a balanced pedal system, plus a choice of textile and heated seats.

Multi-shift operations benefit from the standard fit slide-out battery change for quick and effortless turnaround at the end of each working shift, to minimize maintenance time. Access to all major components is quick and easy reducing service times and thus ensuring that your business benefits from maximum up-time.

Environmental improvements include reduced cycle times thanks to brushless AC motors that require minimal servicing and deliver smoother, faster travel and lifting speeds with lower energy usage. By eliminating the electric cooling fan, noise is reduced, battery energy is further saved and reliability is improved. Power is also optimised with the introduction of optional LED lights and a regenerative braking system that automatically recycles kinetic energy back into the battery.

The CESAB B300 and B400 range is produced at the ISO 14001 certified European factory, using the world renowned Toyota Production System (TPS), widely acknowledged as one of the most successful manufacturing systems in the world. This not only ensures the highest quality standards but also helps to reduce environmental impact through the use of waste free production techniques.

No detail has been spared in the quest to make the CESAB B300 and B400 as robust and efficient as possible, with the selective use of thick gauge metal panels used to increase durability where needed, such as on the battery cover, without compromising the truck’s weight or performance.

Angelo Aldé, Director, CESAB Material Handling Europe said “CESAB was founded on its strengths in the electric sector and our engineers’ expertise is clear on the new CESAB B300 and B400 ranges, where productivity and power are achievable in even the most challenging spaces. Customers can have the best in manoeuvrability and power and as a result will have a truck that delivers exceptionally well in the work environment.”

Cesab Materials Handling Europe, Miles Griffin   Tel: +44 (0) 7718 602612   E: miles.griffin@toyota-industries.eu

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