jcb-tyre-handling-clampCam hydraulic forklift attachments have recently supplied special manufactured attachments to several large companies in the UK to solve their material handling requirements.

Rentaclamp (Coventry) Limited is UK supplier and partner for CAM SRL.

CAM attachments have been manufactured near Milan in Italy for 40 years.

Recently Rentaclamp supplied special manufactured Bale clamps with stabilizers and folding platform to Mercury Material Management Ltd.The clamps were used to handle stacks of tyres up to 1800mm in diameter and up to 1.2 tons in weight. The tyres are handled from warehouse to factory lines at the JCB factory in Rochester and the Holland Tractor plant in Basildon. Due to the distance, ground and fast operation the lift truck driver would lose tyres from the stack being handled when using a conventional bale clamp and consequent time was lost in stopping to retrieve the tyres and continue to the factory line.

Although a stabilizer and bale clamp solved the problem by securing tyre stacks from sides and top it would have been an obstruction when loading or unloading from lorry trailers or vans.

The first clamp was manufactured with folding top stabilizer platforms and were so successful when fitted to JCB teletruck with tilting carriages the tyres would remain secure even when tilted forward. Rentaclamp then received an order for another 3 attachments.

The Wool Marketing Board required clamps for handling very large bales of wool and sheets of wool and approached Rentaclamp. Bale clamps were manufactured with arms 1800mm long and opening up to 2600mm. An order to supply 4 clamps was delivered. The clamps benefited the operation in handling large bales safely and efficiently and increasing production time. Another 3 clamps have now been ordered, manufactured and supplied, and since going to print Rentaclamp have received a further order from British Wool for 2 special bale clamps.

Rentaclamp (Coventry) Limited

Tel: 024 7668 8879

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