Continuing the BT tradition of excellence in hand pallet truck design, Toyota Material Handling is launching three new models to meet specific customer requirements. The BT Lifter Ultra Low, BT Lifter Galvanized and BT Lifter with weight indicator models all offer innovative high quality hand pallet truck solutions to specific customer and industry needs.

The three new models offer vital features to enhance productivity and efficiency in specific applications, demonstrating Toyota’s commitment to offering quality products in response to industry demands. Work cycle tests have proven that BT hand trucks are by far the most durable, lasting longer than other makes. This means that the BT Lifter clearly offers the lowest lifetime cost.

Ultra Low – Developed for a leading Swedish retailer, the BT Lifter Ultra Low (LHM075UL) has a minimum fork height of just 35 mm, making it ideal for applications using new space-saving lowclearance and disposable pallets or load ledges, which are increasingly common in containers loaded by conventional forklifts. The BT Lifter Ultra Low has a load capacity of 750kg.

Galvanized – The BT Lifter Galvanized (LHM230G) is an economical alternative to the no-compromise BT Stainless Lifter and is ideal for semi-wet environments. This new model allows efficient and reliable operation in applications where the BT Stainless Lifter is not absolutely required, significantly increasing operating life, but at a low cost for this type of specialised equipment.

Weight indicator – The BT Lifter with weight indicator (LHM230WI) provides an accurate estimate of load weight during the handling process without delaying the movement of goods. The indicator is +/– 20kg accurate and can accommodate loads up to the full 2300kg capacity of the truck.

Sam Coles, Commercial director, Toyota Material Handling UK says: “Our approach has always been to work closely with our customers in order to understand the market and develop new models that meet specific customer needs. These three new BT Lifter models from Toyota expand the broadest hand pallet truck range on the market and illustrate the durable, easy-to-use products that have made the BT Lifter the world’s leading hand pallet truck brand.”

BT Lifter hand pallet trucks from Toyota are manufactured using the Toyota Production System (TPS) at Toyota’s ISO 14001-certified plant in Mjölby, Sweden and offer the best in durability, simplicity and minimal environmental impact.

Simplicity is central to the design of BT Lifter trucks, allowing goods to be moved safely with minimum effort. The BT hand pallet truck range includes the BT Pro Lifter model with a unique easy-start facility for heavier loads, and even trucks that are electrically powered.

Environment – Toyota Material Handling believes that getting the job done should never be at the expense of the environment. Toyota strives to reduce environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, from design, manufacture and operation, through to recycling at end-of-life. The durability and long working life of BT hand trucks further minimises the environmental effect relative to the amount of work that is accomplished.

“Choosing a BT hand pallet truck from Toyota Material Handling means not only guaranteed reliability, but real savings when it comes to the environmental impact of the manufacture, distribution and disposal of trucks,” says Sam Coles. “Combine this with the environmentally adapted processes in our production facilities and Toyota’s customers are truly choosing sustainable products when they choose BT hand pallet trucks.”

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