hyster-fortens-motionWith forklift operational safety coming under ever-increasing scrutiny, RDS Technology has recently seen a high level of interest in the Speed and Distance 200 vehicle monitor.

The Speed and Distance 200 is a cost-effective and versatile instrument for logging occurrences of the vehicle travelling in excess of site speed restrictions. Normally powered through the vehicle ignition and therefore switched on at the same time the vehicle is, it works on an input signal from a magnetic sensor on the non-driven or transmission shaft. For driver warning it has a visual and an internal audible alarm to alert the driver to speed when the pre-set speed limit is exceeded – a further external alarm is optional. This gives forklift operators full information on their vehicle speed and allows them to operate safely within speed restrictions.

speedanddistance200The Speed and Distance 200 also offers a log of overspeed occurrences protected by a 4-digit PIN for the identification by manager or foreman of operators and forklifts at risk of breakdown or accident. This log is separated into different overspeed bands dependent on how much the speed limit is passed. By monitoring this type of activity, vehicle and fuel efficiency can be increased and machine downtime for repair or servicing decreased.

For more information on how on-board speed monitoring can make a difference to the safety of the forklift and warehouse environment please visit

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